Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday Letters on Saturday

Yes, I know it is Saturday. But that is how I roll and you love me for it.

Dear Gabby Douglas – I love you. You are an amazingly gifted and beautiful girl. You are going to do wonderful things for your sport; I hope you are ready for that. I am so proud of you for being the first in your sport to win gold in both team and individual All Around. Bravo.

Dear Michael Phelps – Happy retirement. Really.

Dear Ryan Lochte – I wish you would have won gold in the Men’s 200 Medley. I think it would have been the perfect hand off from Phelps to you. This is in your hands now. Make me proud.

Dear Olympics – I love you but you make me tired. I cannot stay up until 11 pm for 17 days straight.

Dear SiriWelcome to our family. I am amazed at how strong our bond is after only 6 days. It warms my heart and I look forward to our many years and many walks together. Thank you for being the dog who gets me out of bed at 5:30am for a morning walk. (Olympics, did you hear that? 5:30 am.)

Dear CakesI am sorry you were sick this week but I am so happy you are getting better quickly. Thank you for breaking your shoe eating habit so quickly. And I promise I will stop holding you like a baby as soon as you are too heavy for me (which I fully expect to happen here in the next few weeks so hang in there baby!)

Dear Heidi – I am so proud of you for passing your swimming lessons and moving up to level 3. You are such a rockstar!!

Dear Erin – You are going to rock your half marathon today! BIG HUGS!

Dear Shawn – Thank you again for getting me another dog. You know what this means to me and how happy this makes me. I love you.

Dear EddiePlease stop waking me up at 3am to pet you. Let’s try to schedule some other time to do that, say 7 pm?

Dear Peter I wish you would come upstairs more. I miss you horribly. I promise I will not let Siri eat you. Let’s try to work on this next week. Okay?

Dear Pig and DaisyI miss you every single day. Don’t ever doubt that.

Dear Coworker who had your last day on Thursday – It’s not good bye. But please get a facebook page. I want to stalk you. Kidding! Miss you already and I look forward to our first lunch date.

Dear New JobI heart you! You are awesome!

Dear Manager – Thanks for the fantastic Mid-year review. Your kind words always motivate me.

Dear House – I will clean you this weekend. I promise. I might even put the laundry away. Maybe. Probably not.

Dear Readers - love you all!!



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