Monday, April 8, 2013

A Birthday, A Burger, and A Bout

Saturday was a very special girls in my life's 7th birthday so we met up with her family and a few of her friends for a night of good food and RollerGirls.

We started a rainy, chilly Minnesota evening with dinner at Burger Moe's in Downtown St. Paul. Shawn and I like to order two different burgers, cut them in half, and trade. We had the Blue Sky Burger which is a beef patty smothered in blue cheese, mushrooms, and onions. It is one of my favorite blue cheese burgers in the area. We also had the Saute Fe Burger which is a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese, a thick and spicy salsa, and fresh sliced avocado. It was amazing and now one of my new favorites. The service is decent, the food is good, the portions are huge, they have a full bar, and the prices are competitive. If you are looking for a good burger in the cities, I recommend Burger Moe's. I think they might even have a small parking lot next door.

For the main event of the evening we attended the Minnesota RollerGirls 9th Season Home Team Championship Bout and, as always, it was a blast. The season ended with the Garda Belts (Heidi's team of choice) ousting the Dagger Dolls for third place and the Atomic Bombshell's knocking the Rockits out of the Championship and landing the first place title, taking home the coveted Golden Skate.

If you have never been to a RollerGirls Bout I highly recommend it for a fun Saturday evening out. At the start of every evening the run through the rules with demo skaters so everyone knows what is going on. It's very easy to pick up as you start watching.

And, who doesn't want to see a bunch of girls on skates beat up on each other? I mean, really?

The first thing we do when we get to the Bout (not game, not match, but Bout!) is find the "Black Eye" booth. For $1 they will paint up your face to make it look like you were in a bar fight. Just tell people "you should have seen the other guy" if you catch them looking.
Heidi and Sophia are all ready to watch some RollerGirls!
 Next, stop for a picture with your favorite RollerGirl such as Roller Cat, a co-worker of the Birthday Girls Nanna. How cool is that?!

L to R: Piper (Birthday Girl!), Emma, RollerGirl whose name I am not sure of, RollerCat, Maddie, Sophia, and Heidi in front
 After all that you get to find your seats and watch a the first half of the derby.

Rockits are in Red and Atomic Bombshells are Orange
 And just when you think you can't be having any more fun it's half time so head down to the main floor and dance like no one is watching. But everyone is watching and you are on the big screen a million times.

I honestly took 10 pictures of them dancing and this was the best I got. These girls know how to have a good time!
Don't forget the air guitar!

And one last picture with RollerCat before she has to head back out and try to make up some point for her team.

Head back to your seats to watch the second half which is always packed with a lot of action as this is for all the marbles!

And finally celebrate when the Bout ends because you know you could never skate like these girls, while wearing the little outfits they wear (and somehow don't fall out of), and you really could never take a skate to the jaw with such grace. So no matter who won, you are still excited and want to cheer for the ladies who just spent the last 2.5 hours entertaining you and making your night one to remember.

Atomic Bombshells win the Championship and the Golden Skate!
Well, at least that's how the night goes down for Heidi and me!

Hugs and one last HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish sent out to Piper. I hope all your dreams come true and that 7 us your best year!!