Friday, March 25, 2011

A Six Week Vacation

After traveling, fighting a very nasty virus, and all the craziness at work, I finally made it to the gym today. I went one time three weeks ago, only to decide the virus was not kicked enough for my lungs to be working that hard. Before that visit, it had been three weeks so I really haven’t exercised in six weeks.

I am amazed at how out of shape I can become, both mentally and physically, in a short six weeks.

The treadmill was very hard. It took all my willpower to not slow it down and verbal threats to finish strong. My eyes kept drifting to the emergency stop button. But, with the help of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, I made it through all 30 minutes.

I huffed and puffed my way into the empty class room to finish off my workout with five Sun Salutations and as many sit ups as possible. I kicked off my shoes and went straight into my Sun Salutations. I knew if I laid down for sit ups, I would be a goner, napping on the floor.

When I was done, my face was bright red and I was sweating like it was going out of style. That’s how my workouts went last May when I re-joined the gym after a couple year vacation. I really didn’t think that six weeks would feel the same as a few years.

The difference between last May and now is in my head. I knew I had to go to the gym today. Not only do I not like the way my jeans fit but I exhausted when I get home from work and by 8:30, I just want to go to bed. I also have noticed that I am short with the people in my house. They are only going to take it so long before they snap.

On days where I get my heart rate up because I exercised, not because someone at work made me mad, I have much more energy at night and I am able to be nicer to my family.

In the end, everyone benefits from me making time to exercise. Too bad my lungs don’t believe me!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anything For A Snack!

It was just over six months ago when Daisy Mae woke up with a mysterious limp.

On March 16th it will be six months since Daisy became a Tri-Pawd.

I hesitate to post updates on how well she is doing. To be honest, for every ten great days, she has one bad day so over all she is doing fantastic.

I hesitate to post updates because every time I write a blog about how well she is feeling, the very next day she has a bad day.

I still obsess about stray things laying around that she might trip on and every little cough or noise she makes but overall, we have all adjusted to her new body.

To prove that point, for the first time in her 9 ½ years, last night, she jumped up on the counter and ate the cat food. I cannot picture how she could pull this off but Margie caught her in the act. One paw up on the counter, devouring the cat food as quickly as possible, taking care to eat every last crumb.

She is an amazing girl and we are all cautiously optimistic that we will be putting up with this silly, hungry girl for many, many more months. Years even!