Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anything For A Snack!

It was just over six months ago when Daisy Mae woke up with a mysterious limp.

On March 16th it will be six months since Daisy became a Tri-Pawd.

I hesitate to post updates on how well she is doing. To be honest, for every ten great days, she has one bad day so over all she is doing fantastic.

I hesitate to post updates because every time I write a blog about how well she is feeling, the very next day she has a bad day.

I still obsess about stray things laying around that she might trip on and every little cough or noise she makes but overall, we have all adjusted to her new body.

To prove that point, for the first time in her 9 ½ years, last night, she jumped up on the counter and ate the cat food. I cannot picture how she could pull this off but Margie caught her in the act. One paw up on the counter, devouring the cat food as quickly as possible, taking care to eat every last crumb.

She is an amazing girl and we are all cautiously optimistic that we will be putting up with this silly, hungry girl for many, many more months. Years even!

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Emilie said...

Oh Kara, Daisy IS amazing! I am so glad she is doing so well :-)