Monday, June 4, 2012

Eddie the Cat

This is Eddie. He thinks he does not get enough time on the blog.

I tell him it is because he bites to much.

I tell him it is because he is a jerk.

I tell him it is because he is so demanding.

But I really have no reason at all. He is my Eddie and I love him.

We got Eddie when a cat my mother in law was taking care of had a litter of kittens. We were able to take him home the weekend we moved into our first apartment.

This was some 13 years ago.

And he has been a biting, demanding, jerk since the day we brought him home.

It might be because the first day he was home he was so smelly I gave him a bath and then sprayed a little Fabreeze on his back.

But honestly. Does it take 13 years to get over a little bath?

Love you Eddie. (There. I put you in the blog. Will you not bite me for at least a day?)


Jennifer said...

hahahaha, i love it!! it sounds like Sam, mariah's cat we left at grandma jo's!!

Kara said...

I should have left Eddie at Grandma Jo's! :)

Shannon said...

Poke him with a pencil.. he likes it!