Friday, August 3, 2012

The Cutest Bulldog Puppy And Her Boogers

I was going to ask if you all are sick of my dog posts lately but my page views, the number of comments, and emails I have been getting tell me you are not. Which is great because I love talking about them. And my kid. Those are my favorite topics.

Today I am going to talk about both of them so hold on to your hats!

Cakes and Pete playing last week (before Siri moved in and Pete moved to the basement)

I woke up Thursday morning to a bulldog puppy covered in boogers. Since I am not the person who thinks to take a picture of the mess before I deal with the issue (sorry) there is no photo to prove this. You just have to believe me.

When I say she was covered in boogers, I do mean that half of her head was finger nail deep covered in greenish yellow slime. It was gross.

And freaky.

But mostly gross.

So as any mom would do, I touched the snot and rolled it around in my fingers to see how sticky it was. Then I smelled it.

What? You would too.

Then I woke up Shawn and told him something was wrong with Cakes and he needed to get his ass out of bed right now. Okay, so I admit. It was as freaky as it was gross.

He agreed that they were boogers, cleaned her up, and let her sleep on the couch while Siri and I got ready for our walk.

Shawn took Cakes to the vet while I took a few hours off work and got to watch the girls at their second to the last day of swimming lessons.

Heidi, Sophia, and Piper rocked their swimming assessments and I was so happy to be skipping work for a bit to watch them. They are amazing little fish.

Heidi, Piper, and Sophia. Not only do they love swimming, they love cupcakes!
Cakes is fine. She is on antibiotics for a week or whatever (I don't really know, Shawn needs to worry about that, not me) and she is supposed to stay out of her pool for awhile (which sucks for you because I was totally going to get a video of her in her pool) and also out of the sandbox (suck for you again because that was another planned video!).

Don't you wish I would do things when I think about them not put them off for later? Yeah, me too. That is my biggest pet peeve. Ask my daughter.

They think Cakes might have gotten a cold from Siri so we are supposed to keep an eye on Siri (ha! Just one eye since she only has one eye. Get it?) in case she shows any symptoms and then bring her in if she does.

The only time I have seen Siri cough was that time Eddie spit at her and it freaked her out so bad her heart stopped. She coughed when it started again.

Speaking of the cats. My awesome sauce husband built an awesome sauce shelf for them to hang out on in the living room where Siri cannot eat them while they sleep. They are still debating if this is cool or not and I get to have a big hunk of carpet attached to the wall above my chair. So that's super awesome.
Eddie on the Awesome Sauce Cat Shelf over my chair

Cannot wait to see how many times I get jumped on by either a 30 pound pitbull or a 20 pound, fully clawed, Orange Tabby when I doze off while watching 30 Rock or surfing the interwebs...

Happy Friday people! We have a fairly low key weekend planned (which means we only have 17 things on the calendar instead of the typical 20) so maybe I will go to the grocery store tomorrow. Shawn mentioned something about not having any food in the house and I realized I don't remember the last time I was at Cub.

Oh, and I will try hard not to adopt another animal. No promises.



Lucy McCracken said...

I love your posts about Cupcakes. I can't get enough of them. He's so stink-in cute! your girls are so beautiful. :) I'm also excited to read your post on helping your neighbors this month. :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I'm with Lucy ... coming over for my daily puppy fix. :) happy friday friend!

GingerSnap23 said...

ooh Cakes and her boogers! Im the girls got a special cupcake treat, they didnt tell me that!

sophistifunk said...

that cat shelf is way too cute! and those cupcakes look way delicious

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Jamie said...

Poor Cakes! I hope she gets better soon. And I am so having J build us one of those shelves! The cats are afraid to fall asleep out in the living room because Roxy will sneak up on them haha!

<3 Jamie