Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend in Review

Happy Monday everyone! We survived what I was expecting to be an insanely stressful weekend with a reasonable about of stress - hooray!!

Friday morning Siri was spayed. I am finishing up that post and will share that saga with you tomorrow.

But Siri being spayed on Friday meant we didn't do anything on Friday night. Heidi went to a birthday party at Skyzone and had a blast. And reminded me that I have 8 punches left on my skyrobics card!

Friday night was rough with me sleeping on the floor to be near Siri. I felt slightly beat up the next morning from the hard floor. This is why I prefer to camp in my camper and not in a tent. My hips are too old for the hard ground!

Saturday was very low key. Shawn and Heidi ran a few errands while I hung out with Siri then Shawn worked on the new hand rail for the front steps. I need to paint it then I will share pictures.

By about 4 pm on Saturday Siri was feeling much better so we crated her up and went off to a gathering of some of Shawn's childhood friends.

Not to get all confusing but Shawn and Bobby grew up together, went to a year of college were together, attended/participated in each others wedding. But then life takes over and we don't see him much. So Bobby's wife Sarah invites a group of us over to their house to surprise Bobby. It was a blast.

There were eight adults and ten kids. Lets say it was a bit buck wild at times but we are all excited to to it again!
We didn't think to take a picture until after Graham left. Bob, Jimmy, and Shawn, friends since they were 5!

I was so happy Graham and Amy brought Thomas. He is such a cutey! This was the first time he had been out after his bedtime which threw him a bit. He kept asking his mom who turned off the lights outside and if they would turn them back on. When she explained it was dark because it was bed time he decided it was time for them to go home.

I was really worried about Siri but we had such a good time I was distracted from my worries.

Sunday was another low key day. We went grocery shopping then just hung out. It was clear by this time that Siri didn't really know or care that she has just had her stomach cut open so the day was spent trying to keep her from sprinting around the backyard.

My Step-Uncle Dave had us all over for dinner in the evening so we were able to end the weekend with a nice, relaxing dinner on my parents deck with our family. I left the camera at home so this is the only picture I got...

Shawn and his mini peanut butter pie!
 Oh! And this one! Isn't my niece Eile just the cutest little thing? She was wearing a tank top which was making me cold so we put Heidi's tshirt on her. It is a bit big but she totally rocked it!

Happy, as always!

It was so nice to have our weekend end up being pretty low key. I am not sure how I will keep Siri calm as the days progress but she is doing so well I know she is going to make it thru this minor set back just fine.


Melissa said...

That mini peanut butter pie looks SO good. And your niece is adorable :)

Hollie Ann said...

your niece is a cutie!! sounds like you had a great weekend :)