Friday, September 7, 2012

A Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday everyone! What a week. Did everyone survive?

I will have to let you know my answer on Monday.

Today Siri gets spayed!  I will be leaving here shortly to bring her to the clinic and then I willget to pick her up after work.

When that is all over I will write about why my 15 month old rescued Pitbull Terrier is being spayed today, not back in March like I had been lead to beleive... So, look forward to that post next week.

Since I am a bit tunnel vision on this upcoming surgery and a bit exhausted from taking care of a dog "on the rag" for the last week I am going to leave you with this awesome video of Heidi and my niece Emily preforming a dance routine they put together with the help of my older niece Makayla a few weeks ago.

Have a great weekend everyone!


(Please ignore my laughing, the dogs fighting, Siri's cameo, and Heidi declaring she forgot the routine with about 2 seconds remaining!) 

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Stesha said...

how cute are these two? i love!

xxClassic & Bubbly