Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back To Reality!

Tuesday was the first day of school for our district so it was back to reality for Shawn and Heidi!

Shawn went back to work last week but Tuesday was his first day with students. His first day with high schoolers, in fact! He said he had a great day and I think he is really looking forward to being in the High School now.

Heidi started second grade!

Second Grade!!

We met her teacher last week. She had just been hired days before Meet the Teacher night so she was still trying to find her way around but she seemed very nice and warm.

Sophia, Heidi, and Piper - the Carpool!
I think she will have high expectations of Heidi and we are all excited about that.  Heidi needs to be challenged or she gets bored and that's no fun for anyone.

When she got home from school Tuesday night she told me her day was "Boring! It was just Rule Day so we didn't get to do anything!"

Heidi and her teacher
I had taken the day off and met Erin for lunch at Yum where we picked up these amazing cupcakes. So for her First Boring Day of School and Shawn's First Day with Kids I surprised them with these delicious cupcakes.

 Shawn and Heidi loved the cupcakes (and so did I).

Heidi reported that yesterday, the second day of school, was awesome. She was happy that they were super busy all day and is excited that they will be having a test today. She loved her math lesson and enjoyed some reading time.

We are all looking forward to a great year. Happy back to school everyone!

(Oh, and Shawn wants to know if you all think Heidi's shorts are too short for school. He actually said "I hope you get a lot of comments about how short Heidi's shorts are..." She is supposed to be wearing leggings under them but it was over 90 degrees on Tuesday. Let me know what you think, please!)


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh "rule day". that does sound boring! ;)

Amanda Schroeder said...

So cute! I skipped out on a semester today and am kinda regretting it. Also...those cupcakes...GIMME!

Melissa said...

Isn't YUM! the best? Such good cupcakes! I don't think her shorts are too short...are there any rules about that stuff at her school?

The Management said...

Heidi is such a cutie

I don't think the shorts are too short- they'd pass my former Cathilc high school's dress code based on the fact that when her arms hang down straight, her fingertips are touching fabric, not skin.

GingerSnap23 said...

at this age not to short... but maybe next year? maybe they look short to him because her sandsls are elevated, elongating her already long little legs more.

Kimberly Bikowski said...

I'm your newest follower and have linked up with your blog hop. I'd love for you to stop by.

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