Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Siri Got Spayed...

Well, maybe that is a bad title. She got spayed because I think there are already to many puppies in this world and I am not the person to allow more.

So a better title would be something like Why We Spayed Siri.

Us, instead of someone else.

Here's the short of it.

We rescued Siri from a foster organization this summer. Her paper work said she was spayed.

This past Thursday she started bleeding. Basically she got her period.

How can a spayed dog get their period? They can't.

So I after being pretty upset most of the evening I called my vet first thing the next morning. They wanted to see her as soon as possible because if she really was spayed but now bleeding something very wrong was happening.

I left work early and took her over to see our vet who confirmed within moments of seeing her that she was in fact in heat and there was no way this dog had been spayed.

I had brought her paper work to the appointment (well, I forgot it so Shawn and Cupcake ran it up to me) and showed them where it said FS for Female Spayed. They called the foster group who were mortified and apologetic.

We got her scheduled for surgery a week later.

I would love to say the week from when we learned this little info to when she had her surgery was peaches but really, it was anything but.

We had to get diapers to keep her from 'dripping' all over our house. These diapers had liners in them that had to be changed regularly. Siri did not fit in the diapers correctly due to her build so we rigged them to stay on her. She would rip them off any chance she got so she didn't wear them when in her crate. Yuck.

She was a different dog ranging from sleepy and cuddly to a bit crabby.

Siri was very stressed when we got her ready the morning of the surgery. We were asked to bring her crate and a blanket so Shawn loaded that into the van for me before he left for work. I am pretty sure Siri thought we were packing her up to move in with another family. It was heart breaking.

Now, keep in mind, I know what it is like to have a dog go through a major surgery. Remember our three legged wonder? Well, none of that helped me keep my stress about this down.

My emotions ranged from sad to mad to furious to worried.

I had to leave my baby, the one who has had an unknown past, the one who lost her eye six months ago, with people I didn't know who were going to operate on her in the back of a semi truck. (Since the foster group was paying, not me, I didn't get to use my own vet)

I brought her home on Friday afternoon and she could hardly walk. I put her in the van where she slept all the way home. When I touched her she jerked away otherwise she didn't move.

We got her set up in the house where she went right back to sleep.

Cakes didn't like that her best friend was not awake to play with her and spent a lot of time trying to break Siri out of her crate.

On the up side, Siri is recovering very well. In fact, sometime Sunday afternoon she was completely back to normal. She is on limited activity right now but that is nearly impossible to manage as she is constantly playing, rolling, chasing with Cakes.

Thanks to all of you and my friends and family for all the support during this mess. I am just so happy we are on the other side of it now!

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The Management said...

I'm so sorry this happened, but I'm glad it all got worked out.. I hope Siri feels better really soon!