Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And With That, It's Fall

The kids went back to school last week and the weather turned cool for a few days but yesterday we the day I knew summer was over.

And I am good with that. I am ready for fall.

Yesterday one last hot day rolled through. I saw 97 degrees on the read out in my van and people on Facebook were toying with the idea of turning their air back on.

That hot day, along with the events of the evening, were my final sign of the end of summer.

Our Girl Scout Troop had our first official meeting last night with the Investiture Ceremony where the girls get their Elf Brownie Pin. We followed that with a quick parent meeting that, I feel, went really well. We are beyond excited to start our new year with these amazing, smart, funny, talented, buck wild girls.

After the meeting I sat in the backyard while the dogs got out the last of their evening Bully energy. If you have a bulldog or a pit bull, you know what I am talking about.

It was only 8 pm but it was completely dark out. No more bed time with the sun still up!

I had my tablet and was catching up on emails. I had my dogs. I had a warm, breezy evening with no bugs. I had quiet. All I needed was a glass of trashy pink wine and the night would have been perfect.  These are the nights I am looking forward to now!

After putting Heidi to bed I settled onto the couch to read a few blogs for a couple of minutes before heading off to bed myself.  The dogs were playing quietly on the floor when out of the corner of my eye I start to see white stuff flying by.

It all happened so quickly.

Well, maybe that is not too bad. Just a little stuffing right?

From here Cakes ran into the kitchen, kicked all the water out of her bowl, and stomped around on the now lake like floor. I watched her in horror. It was 9:30. I wanted to go to bed. Now this?

But when I turned back to the living room I saw that it had snowed!

Cakes went and jumped on her sister and they rolled in the snow for a minute or two. Heidi wandered out of her bedroom and said "What happened? Dad is going to be mad!"

I sent Heidi back to her room and gathered up some towels for the floor and a bag for the snow.

At this point Shawn came home and his only remark (after What the heck happened?!) was "Girls, this is why we cannot have nice things."

Then he proceeded to clean up the kitchen (it took two beach towels) while I scooped up the snow.

Which just turned out to be half of the stuffing from their soccer ball so that's good.

When all was cleaned up I crawled in my bed with the fan cranked on high and thought, "That's it. Summer is over and the craziness of Fall is here. Bring it on but I better go pick up some of that trashy Pink wine..."

Happy fall everyone. (I am sure I will with you a happy fall again on Sept 21st but that's all good!)


Anonymous said...

That is too awesome! They sound just like kids ... LOL


The Management said...

ahahhaha. the looks on the dogs' faces in that first picture are just priceless. they look so pleased, haha.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

my son had a scooby doo that does not fight crime anymore because his guts got ripped out by our lab. poor scooby.