Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters - My First One! And a Little About Skyrobics

I am trying to be all Bloggery and do all the things Bloggers do. So I am linking up with Ashley this week for Friday Letters! How fun!!


Dear Heidi - I love that you loved your week at Lacrosse camp and I am proud of you for not freaking out when you learned the team would be you plus four buck wild boys.

Dear Rain - Why do you not come until we put a free chair on the curb? Could you not have waited?

Dear Neighbors - that chair is free. I am sure it will be just fine when it drys out a bit...

Dear Skyrobics - You kick my ass and I love you for it. I will take you on again in the very, very near future.

Dear Erin - Thank you for taking my to Skyrobics! We totally rocked that class!!

Dear Public Library - Stop booting me from my reserved rooms with no notice. It's not cool and the kids are not going to tolerate it much longer!

Dear July - Where the heck did you go?!

Dear Cupcake - Please let me cuddle with you!

Dear New Job - Bring. It. On.

Dear Mosquitoes - Stay the heck out of my camper this weekend. A repeat of the last trip will not be tolerated.

Dear People Who Follow and Comment on My Blog - I love you! You make my day!!

Dear Shawn - Gobble. Gobble.

That was fun! I think I will participate in Friday Letters again!!

Ok, moving on. Have you ever heard of Skyrobics?

It is this amazing cardio work out, basically an aerobics class in a trampoline gym.

I heard about this last fall when Heidi went to a birthday party at SkyZone, an indoor trampoline gym in our area. Heidi, along with all the other kids at the party, spent over an hour jumping on the trampolines, then they ate pizza and cake, opened presents, and went home exhausted. It ranks up there in one of the best parties ever.

While I was hanging out waiting for the party to be over I looked over the flier for the Skyrobics class. It sounded intense! To be honest, it frightened me a bit.

Then a few weeks ago Erin goes to SkyZone with her kids. While there she sends me a text saying that we MUST GO TO SKYROBICS.

Um. No. Well. Maybe. Um. No.

That was my thought process.

But really, I was interested. It took us a few weeks to coordinate but we finally went on Tuesday.

And let me tell you it was a total blast!

I was worried I would fall down and break my face or something but I only fell once and didn't break anything!

I did end up with a bloody toe. I have no idea where the blood came from!

Please forgive my horrible pedi - I know I need one!
I was not prepared for what this does to the bladder of a woman who has had children! I honestly nearly peed my pants three times from all the jumping.

But it was all worth it. When I got home I synced my bodybugg and was excited to see that I had burned 445 calories! Awesomeness!!

Erin and me in our post workout glory!

We are already planning our next trip to Skyrobics and I am super excited to try out some of the exercises on Heidi's trampoline in the backyard!

Happy Friday everyone! Stay cool!


BeCr8iv said...

Skyrobics sounds pretty intense, you are brave!

the lovebirds said...

Love your little letters- congrats on the new job! And skyrobics...? Sounds crazy, intense and fun all at the same time. You have me very curious now! Happy weekend! xoxo

dave eaton said...

New job?

The Management said...

Damn rain, eh? It can be such a bitch ;)