Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Olympics!!

I don't have a lot of time for a well thought out post today and while I wanted to link up for Friday Letters like last week I have not had coffee yet and my brain is not firing on all cylinders yet. So, today will be some randomness!

This is been a pretty exciting week, here are a few of the highlights.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just love pictures of Peter sleeping on pillows.

Last night I went to Skyrobics with Erin and dare I say, we rocked it! The Bodybugg tells me I burned 475 calories over the 445 from my first time. I was also excited to see I had logged well over 10,000 steps for my day yesterday. Oh, and no injuries this time, just me not being able to get up after situps so I laid on my tramp causing the instructor to ask Erin if I was okay. When he realized I was dead and not broken he was happy. You can die in Skyrobics but you can't get hurt, injuries cause to much paper work.

I ordered and received my Asus Transformer Tablet! It arrived via Amazon yesterday and spent the night charging. I plan to play with it while I watch...

The Opening Ceremonies Tonight!! I am so excited!! After work I will sneak in a quick run then I will plan my butt in the purple chair with my new tablet and watch the Opening of the Olympic games and I will not feel guilty about it one bit because this happens once every 4 years (well, 2 really because I love winter Olympics too).

Last night in the car Heidi asked if we could go to open swim tonight. I said "Well, I really, really want to watch the Opening Ceremonies..."

Heidi said, "Mom! It sounds like watching the Olympics is more important than my showing you all I learned in swimming this week!!"

I replied, "hmmm.... Well, it only happens once every four years..."

She didn't talk to me for the rest of the drive. Sorry, Heidi! I have never told you I would not be active with you because I wanted to watch TV. Even when I was fat I didn't say that. So get over it kid!!

Other exciting news, Erin and I spent a day planning out the year for our Girl Scout Troop. I am so excited to have 1st year Brownies, I can't even stand it!

Um, and August? Is there anyway we can move August out by like three weeks? I think I totally missed July.

And finally, it was the first week of acting in my new job and it flew by. I am really excited about the new challenges it will bring.

A look ahead at the weekend - I plan to watch a lot of Olympics, swim with my dad on Saturday morning, trip to Minnehaha Falls Dog Park with Cupcake Saturday afternoon, birthday dinner for my friend Paul on Saturday evening, July release for work Saturday night, lazy day and more Olympics on Sunday. Somewhere in there I will clean my house, get in at least one more run, and hopefully read The Kite Runner (I know, I am 10 years behind the times on this one but what can I say?!)

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Olympics!

Hasta Luego,


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Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I have ditched everyone in my family this weekend for the Olympics. No one exists for the next 2 weeks. I kinda like it.