Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sneaky Pete Update

In October we adopted a kitten named Sneaky Pete.  We decided he would be an indoor cat since he has no fear at all.  I was worried he would run off and never find his way home.

He spend the winter in the house eating and playing and getting really big.

This cardboard scratcher is his favorite thing in the house.  He sits on it no matter where it is.

He also likes Heidi's headbands and toy cars.

I cannot believe how big he is. He sits almost as tall as Eddie now!  We figure he will celebrate his 1st birthday in May.

He sure has made himself at home.

But then spring came and he started to look out the window a lot. 

And the weekend Ryan and Jess moved in he ran out the door every time it opened.  I stopped counting at 30 times.

 So now, he is an out door cat.  And I am okay with that.

We took it slow.  First he spent the day on a harness but when I was not looking he got out of that.

Then he spent the day with someone watching him while outside.

After about two weeks he was on his own.  Now, he rarely leaves the yard and never goes beyond the house behind us and the house on the side of us. 

He really is an out door cat.  He is so happy going out side and he is happy to come in for cuddles, food, and water.

And for how big he is, I think he need the exercise!

Here is my post from when he first came home.  I cannot believe how big he is!

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