Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Lettuce Garden

In my effort to be a bit more green, a bit more in touch with the earth, and to eat better, I plan to work a number of gardens in my yard.

I tried to grow lettuce last year but I was not good at watering it.  This year, my gardens are going to get a higher priority.

The same day I dug out the strawberries I hit the planter boxes by the back steps.

There are eight boxes but I am only taking on the top four right now.  I should also mention that Shawn plans to take out these planter boxes this summer but I am going to enjoy them while they are there.

They were a mess, like I said, I started them last year and then promptly neglected them.  I had my work cut out for me but it was a beautiful day and Jess was taking care of dinner so I dug in.

I dumped the super dry dirt into an old tub and started to wet it down.

This is my hose.  That I ran over with the van last summer.  Opps! 

I spent about 20 minutes adding dirt, adding water, mixing with my hands.  It was wonderful! 

They say playing in the dirt, gardening, is good for the sole. 

Having a big doppy dog around is good for the sole too! 

And completing a project is also good for the sole. 

I cannot wait until I am able to step out the back door and collect fresh lettuce to toss on a sandwich or serve with dinner!

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