Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh, dear lord, we have a kitten.

It's been just over a week and Pete seems to be fitting into the family much better. All of his kitten supplies are in Heidi's room but he ventures out a lot.

The dogs attack ever 4 minutes instead of every 30 seconds so that's a good sign.

Heidi was up at 6 am on Sunday because Pete was attacking her toes.

Saturday he was very curious about what I was drinking. He came over and sniffed my very hot coffee. I said "No, Pete, that's hot!" Then he did it again. I waved him away. Then, knowing that I would wave him away again he just stuck his nose right in and sniffed up! Commence head shaking and sneezing. I guess that's one way to learn about HOT.

This morning I had to stop my workout twice to get him out of Eddie's old man diet food. Poor Eddie just sat on the floor and watched him eat out of his bowl because the stool was not out and he could not get up there to stop him.

Then I had to run to catch the Bamboo plant he was knocking over while trying to eat.

He plays with anything he can find - Beads hanging from a hook in Heidi's room, the cord to the lamp, balls of paper, the pink to-to on the floor in the toy room, a bee in the bathroom (yes, we still have bee's in our attic)...

And he is very fast on the hardwood floors. He is getting his exercise running away from the dogs.

All of this, and more, had me thinking "Oh, Lord, now I remember what Kitten's are like!"
But the sneezing seems to have stopped.

Sure fire way to cure kitten sneezing? Call new vet and grill her on why she prescribed antibiotics when this is a virus, ask 500 questions as you browse google search results, insure her you will call back if he is still sneezing on Monday.
How can you not love this little face? I guess he's a keeper.

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Anonymous said...

Pete looks a lot like Abby. If that is any indication of what you have ahead of you, consider yourself warned! ;)

We think he is totally adorable. Can't wait to meet him.

Ashley and Chris