Friday, October 23, 2009

The Newest Kuykendall

Shannon and I enjoy visiting the Humane Society's website and looking at all the cats and dogs that are for adoption. She sends me links of the cats and tells me that she wants the cat. Since she is allergic the cat would have to live with me.

This has never worked. I have never adopted a cat because Shannon said she wanted it. Until yesterday.

I had been looking a pictures of peoples puppies on facebook thinking about how nice it would be to have a new little pet in the house.

We lost our cat, Tiger, last April. I have missed him a lot this last 16 or so months.

Shawn pointed out that Eddie, our 10 year old cat, sure seems to like being the only cat in the house. That was really the only thing that kept me from adopting as soon as we were sure Tiger would not be found.

Yesterday, just before we were going to head home from work, Shannon started to send me links to kitties on the site. First was a puppy. Then a little black kitty.

My heart belongs to Orange Male Tabby Cats. I can't resist. I have had two in my life and I am smitten. Tiger had a lot of white but he was mostly orange as well.

When she sent me a link of a orange tabby with white feet, I fell hard.

She called Shawn and talked him into letting us get this kitty, Jack. We drove out to the St. Paul Humane Society to get Jack.

But when we walked in the door we saw this little all orange tabby playing with the cat in the kennel next to him. He was so playful and full of personality. He was not Jack.

I looked for Jack and found him sleeping with his litter mates. He was so small, not even a pound, and only about 7 weeks old. I took him out and he was so needy. Trying to suck on my ear, climbing up my coat. Our bulldog was removed from his mom at 6 weeks. I know what an animal who has not been properly weaned looks like and I am not going to do that again.

By now, the little orange cat we saw when we first came in had bonded with Shannon. He was trying with all his might to push out of the kennel so he could play with her.

He got so excited that he would flip over and stand on his head.

He was perfect. We took him out of the kennel and he promptly jumped out of my arms and ran off.

We chased him into the Visitors room. I think that was the moment we knew we would be taking him home.

He is so full of personality and knows how to get out of the way when he is nervous. Those are required traits in this house - with the two very large dogs and our crabby old man cat!
His name was Lil' Boo. We changed it to Sneaky Pete because Pete goes really well with Eddie!

He is Heidi's cat and she is so very happy to have him.

Pig, Daisy, and Eddie were not the most welcoming welcome home party. They were very excited and Pete was very nervous.

Shannon and I both have the scratches to show for it!

He spent last night in the extra bedroom with his food, water, and liter box.

I hope to let him wander out today and we are planning on relocating him to Heidi's room for tonight.

Join me in welcoming our newest addition to the family!
I just hope this big guy forgives me soon.


Kara said...

No forgiveness yet... Poor Eddie.

Anonymous said...

How are Eddie and Pete getting along?


Kara said...

Eddie is still being mean to Pete but he seems to have forgiven me. Although last night when he got to pick between sitting with me or Shawn he picked Shawn!!