Monday, February 11, 2013

Night Sledding Deserves a Quiet Night

Yesterday had the makings of a crazy, go, go, go day but with the looming snow I put the stops on all that.

We could have delivered Girl Scout Cookies all over town, ran a bunch of errands, attended the RV show at the convention center, went to open skating at the ice arena.

Instead we were homebodies. Well, our version of homebodies which still meant leaving the house.

Heidi had early morning hockey practice then we made a stop at Target for Valentines Cards. This is the first time we have ever been completely ready for the school Valentines party more than the night before! YAY us!!

We headed home where I prepared my shopping list and threw in a load of laundry. The three of us made a quick trip to the grocery store then back home. Heidi had two of her BFF's over, Sophia and Piper, so they played while the snow fell outside.

I did laundry, cleaned my dining room turn mudroom in the winter, cleaned the kitchen, payed billed, filed my taxes. I cannot tell you how great I feel just having a clean dining room to come home to and knowing I am done with taxes for this year. Huge stress relief!

Shawn headed off to his hockey game at 5pm and I rounded up all the Kuykendall kids I could find, piled them in the van, and hauled them down to the sledding hill at the elementary school.

The new snow was perfect. It was a warm 30 degrees. And the kids, Cupcake included had a blast.

Heidi stopping just long enough for a picture
Makayla after a few trips up the hill.

Makayla helping Heidi get the snowboard on her feet.

Cupcake had a blast! She loved seeing all the kids, romping with another dog who also came sledding, and running around in the snow.

It's a pretty big hill!!
I didn't sled but I ran around with Cupcake, tried to take pictures (so hard with a crazy dog pulling on my arm), and cheered the kids on.

After about an hour and a half we piled back into the van and returned to our respectable housed (I had 6 kids who live in 2 houses) where Heidi and I crawled into my bed to finish the night watching the Grammy's.

Shawn won his hockey game and Cupcake slept like a rock.

All in all it was the perfect Sunday.

I will leave you with this little video of Heidi and Emily doing cartwheels down the sledding hill.  Heidi is on the left, Emily on the right.

Happy Monday!


tess said...

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tess said...

I am having some comment drama tonight! lol - my original comment said that this looks like so much fun! :)