Friday, February 8, 2013

Cupcake Shame

I am hoping you all know what Dog Shaming is by now but if you don't I highly suggest you google it right now.

No, wait, not now. When you are done reading this! But then go right then.

I love, love the idea of dog shaming and I wish it was a thing back in the day when Daisy Mae was a pup. She would have been shamed for eating the left shoe of every pair of shoes I own, for eating the legs on the table in the kitchen, for eating my couch...  I am sure the list could go on and on but that over 10 years ago so I have blocked most of it out.

Cupcake, however is fully susceptible shamed via Dog Shaming. Today I will share the two that have been shared thus far.

I eat cat toys and throw them up on mom's feet in the middle of the night.
 This first installment of Dog Shame has a little story that goes with it.

One night a few weeks ago, I am comfortably sleeping in my bed when at 2:30 am I am awaken by the sound of a dog barfing. When Pig would throw up he would heave for 2 minutes so there was always time to get him outside before the actual act happened. Well, as we all know, Cupcake is not Pig. She heaves twice and out it all comes.

Right on my feet.

Yep. At 2:30 in the morning I woke up to Cupcake throwing up on my feet.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed some tissues to clean it up. When my dogs throw up I always look at it to see what came out. Judge me if you want but dogs not just throw up for no reason. I need to know what they ate.

Man, oh man did this pile of barf smell to high heaven. It was just horrible.

But I had to sift through it a bit to see what was in there.

I pulled out (using a tissue) a hard, solid ball.

"She ate a mouse!" I yell.

"She ate a mouse?!" Shawn sleepily asks.

"Well, Peter's toy mouse. But yeah, she totally at that mouse."

No wonder she threw up. She ate a mouse stuffed with catnip.

I finished cleaning up pulled the blanket off the bed (always grateful we sleep with two comforters on the bed) and went back to sleep. Little did I know at that time this was the start of a week of her waking up at 2:30 every morning for some reason or another. I felt after that she deserved her first dog shame.

Mom said this book was good. I thought it tasted like paper.
 The second dog shame has a shorter story. When a puppy gets to be closer to the one year age you start to give them more freedom and they, in turn, become naughty. They are like a 3 year old looking for their boundaries. And like a 3 year old they prefer your stuff to their toys.

One morning I was doing my normal "get ready for work" routine when I realize Cupcake is just being to quiet.

I walk out to the living room to find her curled up in my chair enjoying my book.

Only, her version of enjoying my book meant eating it!

The kicker? I borrowed this book from the Share Library in my office building. Sigh.

I went to the used book store and picked up a new copy then returned both to the girl at the library who totally laughed at me. Thus earning Cupcake another dog shame.

I am certain there are more to come but to end this longer than intended Friday morning post, I leave you with a picture I took of Cupcake last night before we went to bed.

Such a bulldog!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Georgina Castellucci said...

This post is BEYOND hilarious! Your sweet pup is so gorgeoussss <3

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

ha ha ha ha! Cupcake is way too cute. I love her so much. I need a dog shaming post for Indie. I don't remember Shia being so naughty but Indie sure is quite the puppy to say the least. The other morning Shia must have eaten something bad. I was already running late for work and didn't notice her heaving. I ran over and opened the door and tried to push her 75 pound body out the door. I didn't succeed. Shia vommitted a giant puddle on my bedroom floor then Indie walks over as I am cleaning it up and barfs. I was about to just crawl back into bed and give up for the day! ha ha!