Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Goal

Those of you who know me in person and those of you who have been hanging around the blog for a while know that 18 months ago I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now. You also know that I spent July 2010 to May 2011 counting calories, wearing my BodyBugg at all times, and running at least three times a week.
After that first 40 came off I felt like a new person. I am still getting used to this new body. Some days I am very happy with it. Other days I am confused by it.
But, as I have said a number of times, I love the way my butt looks.
I love my curves. They make me who I am. And I am finding that as I tone and tighten I am not losing the ones who define me, I am losing the ones I struggled to hide.
Would I like to lose another 20 to 30 pounds? Yes.
Am I willing to count my calories and strap the BodyBugg back on? No.
Why? Well, at this point in my life I am just simply not motivated to write down every little thing I eat. It’s never been something I enjoy and it never will be.
As for the BodyBugg, I took it off in November because after a particularly warm night of sleep I woke up with it sort of stuck to my arm. This happens often, a soft pull and it comes free. This time it pulled my skin and I had a nasty blister on my arm for over two weeks. I couldn’t put the BodyBugg back on until it healed completely which was about six weeks. After that I just decided to keep it off.
The BodyBugg taught me a lot. It taught me how much I do not move in a day. It taught me that I don’t take nearly as many steps in a day as I had thought and the only way to meet my Doctor’s recommended 10,000 steps is to run 3 miles.
I don’t know if this post has a point, I guess I am trying to say that I have finally, honestly, come to terms with where my body is right now. I consistently fit into a size 14 jeans, my curves look good, I can keep up with my very active daughter, and I can chase a dog around the neighborhood without dying.
So, I have changed my goals from weight lose goal to mileage. My goal this week is to run 12 miles on the treadmill. I am running 4 miles in a session to prepare for the 7k I will be participating in on March 16th. I am able to run 2 miles without a break and I look forward to pushing that in the coming days.
I hope this post inspires you a little bit if that is what you are looking for. I started as a 240 pound 31 year old who could not run for 45 seconds without wanting to pass out. After a lot of hard work I am now a 198 pound 33 year old who can run 2 miles straight and can complete a very respectable 4 miles. If I can do it, so can you!!


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous! I am so proud of you! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Way to go woman!! You are looking Hot. :)


Dara said...

I became a runner by training, and I always say anyone can do it if I can. Only I didn't lose weight from it! I need to diet too and I can't motivate myself, ugh.