Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fitness Update - Week of Feb 6th

I haven't written a fitness update in a few weeks so you get one today! How exciting for you!!

I still haven't really lost any weight but I have come to terms with that. I know the reason is that I haven't embraced the food thing at all. If I want to lose weight I really have to count my calories, not just watch what I eat. Since I really don't eat all too bad I have to change little things like bread to 100 calorie sandwich rounds and pretzels to carrots.

I just really haven't been super motivated in these cold months to make those changes and I am okay with that because of what happened the other night.

I am laying in bed pressing on my lower stomach. It feels sort of hard and strange. At first I am a little weirded out but then I realise those are my abs! I know this probably sounds odd to those of you who have abs or who have had them in the past but I haven't had them since I was 13.

That was 20 years ago!

So, while I may not have lost any weight I am totally getting lower abs. And I will celebrate that.

Not with a chocolate fudge cake! But in theory and motivation.

On Sunday I set a goal that I will run 12 miles this week. So far I have completed 4 with 4 more scheduled tomorrow and the final 4 on Saturday.

Another win? Well, I can run 4 miles in the treadmill in 53 minutes without dying. I am running a 7k in mid-March (7k = 4.1 miles) and my goal is to finish in under 55 minutes. At this point I know I can do it!

I am so happy I am done! I mean I am so happy I did it! Sweaty, Hot Mess after a run at the Community Center.

That's me (#5610) running the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k last March. I was in a Running Magazine!


tess said...

Yay for abs!! That's an awesome accomplishment - who cares about the scale when you have toned abs and are running 12 miles a week?! You're doing great. :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Ummm. Rockstar! So proud!

Sally said...

Yay for you! Sounds like you are doing this quite well!. Good job.