Monday, February 4, 2013

I Heart the Superbowl!

I love the Superbowl for one reason. My friends Jenny and Matt host a party and I get to some of my favorite people.

These are people I have been friends with since High School. You know, the friends who know all of your secrets from way back when you were 16 and dumb.

These guys are like family. No matter where our lives take us we will always be connected.

Everyone brings something to share (so there is a ton of awesome food) so we eat until we cannot sit comfortably.

There are two TV's. One in the basement where the guys gather to actually watch the game.

And the one upstairs where the rest of us mostly have it on for background noise.

I don't see the game save for watching the scoreboard to see who is winning the numbers board.

I don't see the commercials because that's when the guys come up for more food and it's just to loud.

I do see the halftime show. And I generally love it every year.

But I do get to spend 4 hours with these people who I consider my extended family and their kids. And Heidi gets to play with kids who she really likes but doesn't see too often.

As an added bonus for Heidi, she got to sell Girl Scout cookies with a fellow Daisy, Maddie, to everyone at the party.

And as an added bonus for me, I finally got to meet Jenny and Matt's newest addition, Ryanne.

Happy Monday!

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