Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Final Days of Vacation

I always take the last week or so off work to refresh before January rolls around. It is very slow around the office and my family is home so it's perfect. This year I took a span of 17 days which was one day more than my daughter and husbands winter break.

We spent the first 12 days celebrating Christmas which was a lot of fun but man am I happy I still had five days to wind down.

Yesterday Heidi had five of her favorite friends over for a day long play date. They played board games, ate lunch, and generally just ran around the house for five hours. They had a blast.

About an hour into the girls being over my brother called. He needed me to pick up my niece from daycare because her daycare provider, a good friend of ours, was going to the hospital to have her baby.

It was a great day all around! I got to hang out with five buck wild girls, watch my little niece, and we had enchiladas for dinner.

Heidi is hanging out with the same friends but this time over at another families house so Shawn and I are getting in a work out at the community center. 

A girl could get used to this vacation stuff! Four days left...

My niece Elie and her Mama. I was so busy with all those girls I didn't snap a single picture!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

17 days?! I am officially jealous. That was your goal, right? ;) Sounds wonderful ... glad you had a great time with the family! Happy 2013 to you!