Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kind of a Bummer Week

I was very optimistic that my weekly fitness update for this week would be an amazing, awe inspiring update.

But it didn't really turn out that way.

And I didn't lose any weight.

I am going to decide to be okay with that!!

Here is what I did accomplish this past week:

Wednesday - I rushed home from work, grabbed Shawn, and he made our way to the gym for a quick workout. I got in 2.5 miles on the treadmill before we had to run home to get Heidi for a lesson. While Heidi was at her lesson Shawn and I walked Cupcake around the parking lot 3 times.

Thursday - this was my bust of a day where we went out to Skyrobics but did the class was full. You can read all about that and what we did instead HERE.

Friday - we took the kids swimming at the local pool. When we swim with the kids I try to be as active as possible and not just bobbing around in the water.

Saturday - I was able to carve out time at the gym and got in a 3.5 mile run.

Sunday - I arrived at the gym at 5;15 pm all ready to get in a good weekend ending run only to find they close at 5 on Sundays! What a bust!

Monday - Shawn and I went to the gym and I got in another run. 3.75 miles this time and I trimmed 1 minute and 30 seconds off my 3.5 mile pace. I was so excited! Then I did my Monday Ab circuit at home which consisted of:
50 jumping jacks
50 crunches
20 tricep dips
20 squats
15 (each leg) lunges
30 second plank

Man was that hard after running 3.75 miles!

Tuesday - I walked Cupcake about 1.5 miles and did the Tuesday Ab circuit at home which consisted of:
80 jumping jacks
50 vertical leg crunches
20 sit ups (I do crunches)
15 tricep dips
20 squats
10 (each leg) side lunges
15 (each leg) leg lifts
50 bicycles
15 wall push-ups
40 Russian twists

Overall I feel really good. I know that I didn't lose any weight because I didn't watch my food as closely as I should have. Here's hoping next week is a better week so I can hit that 12 pounds before Hawaii goal. 1 down, 11 more to go!


Anonymous said...

Kara - I don't know why you considered it a bust last week, look at all you did with your fitness - that's awesome!! I tried on shorts and capris last night for my trip and what a disappointment, they all fit about the same as last summer and I've been working out since August. But as a whole, I feel great about myself and what I am able to do at the gym these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful! Don't worry about it, just work on the habits and the rest will follow. Also, when you're losing weight and working out the way you are (GREAT JOB!) your fat is getting replaced by muscle, which weighs more.

You're amazing girl!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Holy cow girl! You did so so so good! This is one of my favorite quotes lately, and I thought I would share:

"Strive for progress, not perfection."

Just because you didn't lose weight this week, you stepped out & did something & worked HARD.

tess said...

Sounds like you did an *amazing* job to me! Keep at it - you'll reach your goal before you know it!