Friday, January 11, 2013

A Brownie Eating Creeper Attractor

Being back on the bandwagon has me looking forward to my workouts each day. Yesterday I was looking forward to Skyrobics with Erin. All day I though about what I was eating, watched what I was drinking (full bladder plus trampoline equals lots of bathroom runs!), and kept checking in with Erin to make sure we were still on.

When I left my house to pick her up it was pouring rain. By the time I got to my car, 10 feet out my door, my feet were went through my shoes.

We drove out to the gym in the dark rainy night chatting about books we were reading and a series I am considering putting back on my to read list.

When we arrived at the gym we had to park at the end of the lot. I complained a bit and then we made our way through the rain, soaking our shoes even more, to the building. We were ran over by no less than three teen aged kids running to their parents cars without looking.

Once inside the gym, all excited to get signed in for class, we step up to the counter to check in only to be told they are sold out for the 7:15 class!


Sold out?!

But you are never sold out for this class!

The girl tells us we should have checked in online to make sure we had a spot.

Downtrodden, we turn and head back out into the rainy night. At this point my shoes could by rung out and fill a small kiddy pool.

I am extra disappointed because now I will not get in a work out at all and it is not a rest day.

So what do we do? We go to Caribou and have coffee and bakery goods of course!

After horrible service at the coffee shop (we had to ask for help and the guy still didn't understand we wanted to place an order) we headed over to the bakery to get a little treat. Joking with the baker, we told her that we were treating ourselves since we could not attend our exercise class.

I am pretty sure we made her night.

The guy standing directly behind me informs me if I join LA Fitness I would not have this problem.

I am fairly certain this guy has an application for me in his pocket and all I have to do is sign here and pay a little enrollment fee and he will have me all set to go before the baker has my brownie bagged! So, I grab my treat, turn on my heal and practically sprint away from him.

We settle into the perfect seats with a fire blazing, warming my ice cold, soaking wet feet, and start in on our brownies, chatting about what a bust the night turned out to be and how funny it was that we opted to have brownies when turned away from the class.

Only I could not focus to save my life because a super creeper sitting across the room was staring at me with no attempt to hid it at all.

Here I am sitting, work out clothes, hair all pulled back, chowing on a brownie, and this guy just keeps staring. I am growing more and more uncomfortable when I realize I am not wearing my wedding ring and start to panic. (I have to take my rings off when I work out now as they are so big I worry they will fall right off).

I tell Erin we need to move and we head over to a small table around the corner, losing our warm fire place. And all hope of warm, dry feet.

But the creeper can no longer see me and I am starting to feel a little better.

I launch into a story about the time the TSA agent tried to "get my digits" while I was waiting in line to pass through security only to back peddle when he saw my ring by saying "Oh! I was kidding, I see you have a ring!"

This happens to me a lot. While I am sure some women will find it flattering I find it very creepy. Men going out of their way to hit on you in public is not something I find attractive. At. All.

A nice, relaxing, creeper free half hour later we pack up our things and head home.

200 calories heavier instead of 400 calories lighter.

Instead of getting in a calorie blasting, body toning work out, we chatted and ate and Erin got to see first hand how I attract creeps which I consider a little known fact about myself.

All I can say is Thank God for Shawn and the fact I am happily married. I don't even want to think what my dating life could have been like! But it might have made for good blog material - The Girl Who Attracts Creeps!

Have a great Friday everyone!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

what a night!
i tend to attract creepers too actually.
one time i was with my HUSBAND we were the only people at the resturant so one of the workers come and sits by me and clearly starts hitting on me, he invited me to his house haha. while my husband was next to me and i had my ring on. people are crazy.

Lora said...

LOVE me some SkyAerobics!!! :)

Bianca said...

HAHA! So funny!! I love the way you tell a story!