Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 400!!

Today is my 400th post!  I cannot think of a better way to end a fantastic 2012 but with a huge milestone like this!

I have been maintaining this little blog here on and off since April of 2009. To think I have had enough to blab on about for 400 posts. Wow.

I have written about my weight loss, which is still on going. 40 pounds down, 20 to go! You can see that under the My Fitness Journey Tab.

I have shared a large number of recipes. Both originals I have created and reviews of ones I have found on the Internet or in a book. You can enjoy them under the What We Are Cooking Tab.

In 2012 I read 65 books! Can you believe that? Between audio books, reading with Heidi, and all the paperbacks on my bookshelf it really was a year of reading. You can see what I thought of some of those books on the What We Are Reading tab. I hope to write more reviews in 2013!

And I wrote a lot about our Amazing Bull Mastiff and her battle with cancer. I do get a lot of readers who are going through that same battle and I am glad I can help them. Those were difficult years for all of us. You can read that under the tab Daisy Mae's Journey: From Four Legs to Three.

I want to thank all of you who have stopped by, taken the time to comment or follow me, and all the encouragement I get from my friends and family. I might not have a million followers but I really do enjoy having a little corner on the Internet where I can express myself and connect with many people I would never have met. It is an introverts dream!

Here's to another 400!


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