Friday, December 14, 2012

Feeling Christmas

I didn't realize until this weekend that I have been lacking Holiday spirit the last two years. What made me realize it was having our friends and family over for our party and actually feeling it. I went Wow! Where has this feeling been?

Two years ago we were going through Chemo treatments with Daisy Mae, our amazing bullmastif.

Last year we lost our Bulldog Pig to intestinal cancer in a very short period of time.

But this year, and this is recent and I haven't really told you all about it yet, but we are a one healthy dog family. Yes, you know we have one healthy dog but you may have thought we had two. What happened to one of those dogs is s story for another day.

Today, I am feeling the Holiday spirit and I want to keep it that way!

Monday, the day after we became a one dog family, we made the trek through ice and snow, three miles away, to a local Christmas Tree Store.

The entire family went so that means Cupcake joined us.

This picture was taken just before Cupcake took a huge steamer in the snow that Shawn made me clean up. I could not find a garbage can so the bag containing the steamer may or may not have been forgotten in my van until the next morning.

 We wandered around the tree store for a while until we found the perfect tree.

Even Cupcake approved!!

Let me tell you, I was so impressed by how well behaved Cupcake was. I mean, besides the steamer incident. She didn't bother anyone and she didn't complain about it only being about 10 degrees outside.

We loaded the tree up and brought it home to thaw out.

Then on Tuesday we decorated it as a family. I have to say, it turned out to be a beautiful tree. I am so looking forward to filling it with presents for my amazing family in a few weeks!!

Happy holidays everyone!


~Dawn~ said...

Glad you're feeling the holiday spirit this year :) I love your real tree. We have a fake that we use every year, but I think there is something even more special about treking through the snow to find your perfect tree and cut it yourself. Plus, the smell of a fresh tree is the best. :)

Have a great weekend.

Helene said...

i love your pretty tree! i need to get one myself!!
and I love the process of getting it!