Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not Lady Gaga? I Really Don't Know...

A few weeks ago I had the eminence pleasure of taking care of my 8 month old niece, Elie, for an evening. She is the daughter of my brother Justin and his partner Dawn.

See?! She is a doll (Credit: Justin's facebook page)
It happened to be the night Heidi was skating during intermission at the Women's Gopher Hockey game so we brought her along. She is such a good baby and we had a blast together!

That's Heidi in Red out front with the puck! Credit: Leah's mom's facebook page (I forgot my camera and phone!!)
When my brother came to pick up Elie at the end of the evening, they brought me a bottle of wine. Which was nice but so totally not necessary since I felt I should be paying them for letting me hang out with Elie!

My first thought when they handed me this bottle was "wow, now she makes wine?" but they were quick to explain there had been a sign under the bottle that said it had no relation to Lady Gaga. Knowing how much I like trashy wine they immediately thought of me.

I opened the bottle for our party over the weekend but no one drank it. I guess the Crispen (OMG, if you have not had Crispen before, go have one. Right now. I will wait.) and Beer were more popular than my Gaga wine. I think my bottle of Cheap Red Wine went to waste too.

So I decided to have a glass with dinner last night. What goes better with tacos then a glass of trashy wine? Am I right or what?!

I take a sip and I think, "Well, that sure is an interesting taste. What is that?" 

Then I take another sip and think, "Hmm... what is that taste? Why can't I place it?"

One more sip and I am sold. It's dirty cheese.

Now I am doubting the sign because it sure would seem this bottle of wine was inspired by Lady Gaga. If she doesn't scream Dirty Cheese, I don't know what does.

Sorry Justin and Dawn but it just didn't work out. How about I take Elie for an evening and you can try again? On the bright side, you helped me figure out just how trashy of a wine I am willing to drink. Trashy but not Lady Gaga Trashy!

Love you guys!!

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