Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas In Fargo

This year our Christmas season is very spread out. We started on Friday with dinner with our good friends, continued with a day in Fargo to see family, then back to the cities for a few more celebrations here that will go until this weekend. I just love having my entire vacation being filled up with love and family!

Like I said, we spent a day up in Fargo which is about 4 hours northwest of our home. We went up there to see my Step Mom's family. This was the first time we made that trip.

In fact, this was the first time my Step Mom and her siblings were all together with their parents for 30 years! We loved being a part of this special day for them.

Heidi had been fighting a fever and headache for a few days so before we hit the road we hit the Target Clinic to learn she had some virus and just needed rest.

We headed right up to my Step Aunt's house where we had a very nice Ham dinner with all the sides. The Vikings game was on the TV and the family gathered around talking, really getting to know each other a bit.

We were so happy the trip worked out and we were able to see family we only see every 5 years! I just wish I would have taken some pictures!!

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fargo and pretty much had the entire hotel to ourselves. I would be shocked if someone told me more than thirty people stayed there that night. My parents and Step Uncle stayed in the room across the hall from us so Heidi ran back and forth spending time in both rooms.

We had this amazing view!

Okay, so maybe Amazing is not the right word... One would think we were out in the middle of no where USA but we really were right next to a mall and a lot of shopping. I guess none of it was on this side.

What this view really said to me was COLD! And it sure was! We haven't really gotten below zero here in Minneapolis so the -4 with all the wind was quite biting. But we weren't really dressed for it either. For some odd reason Shawn and I were not wearing coats. Honestly not sure what what was about.

After we checked in we ran out to grab a light dinner at a place down the road called Smiling Moose Deli. I have one rule when I travel - I do not eat a places I can have at home! So thanks to Yelp we found this really great little Deli and had a nice dinner.

Chicken Cesar Salad and Tomato Basil Soup - no one else wanted to let me take a picture of their food. Spoil Sports is what I call them!!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for the night. Heidi was still under the weather so we just made it an easy night of watching movies and relaxing.

And maybe a little bit of bed jumping. But how can a seven year old stay in a hotel and not do some bed jumping?!

Christmas Eve we woke up to a nice hotel breakfast and a quick swim before loading up the frozen cars and driving back to the cities.

The drive back was so peaceful. There weren't too many cars on the road, it was that crisp cold where the sun shines and warms up the car, and we saw an amazing sun dog for about 45 minutes!

A Sun Dog is when there is a halo around the sun
Even though Heidi wasn't feeling well most of the trip we still had a wonderful time. I don't have an Act of Kindness to report during these two days so I am going to cheat a little bit and call our trip an Act of Kindness. My Step Aunt and her family extended an Act of Kindness to our family by opening their house to us and allowing us to be a part of their Christmas celebration. THANK YOU Sue, we love you!!

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Dara said...

that caesar salad looks amazing! i have heard of so many families who had sick kids over christmas. I hope heidi is doing better now.