Saturday, December 22, 2012

Acts of Kindness Day 1, Vacation Day 1, and a Holiday Dinner

Yesterday was my first day in my mission to complete 26 Acts of Kindness. Small acts of kindness are very easy, it's really just being nice and helpful so I hope you all follow along and maybe get inspired to do these little things each and every day.

It was also my first day of vacation! I am off for 17 days, Shawn and Heidi are off for 16. I am really looking forward to all the family time we are going to have.

Heidi started her vacation with a fever and a headache so hopefully she isn't too sick and gets better soon.

In addition to yesterday being my first day of vacation it was also the first day of winter. I love the idea of celebrating the changes of the seasons!!

The day started with our friend kids, my carpool, coming to our house early so their parents could get to work early. The girls loved being together before school and their time with Cupcake.

(Act of Kindness 1 - helped out a friend)

You will just have to trust me when I say they were happy, all that bed head is telling a different story!
Being the last day of school before vacation and the first day of Winter I wanted to do something fun with the girls so we went out to breakfast.

Hot Cocoa and Muffins at Caribou - YUM!
Act of Kindness 2 - Surprised the kids with a special breakfast
Act of Kindness 3 - tipped my barista graciously. Do you tip your barista? I sure hope so! But I usually spend under $4 and just toss my change in the cup. Today it was a few bills. The look on the baristas face was so worth it!
Act of Kindness 4 - I cleaned up the table at Caribou so it looked like no one had sat there while the girls cleaned up the play area to make it nicer than they found it.

Act of Kindness 5 - gave Heidi's teacher a Thank You gift that made her cry. I felt a bit bad about that one!

Act of Kindness 6 - smiled, greeted and/or thanked each of the school staff members I encountered while in the building.

I spent the rest of my day running errands and wrapping gifts.

Act of Kindness 7 - Put a kart away for a woman with small kids already strapped into her car at Costco.

Act of Kindness 8 - ran two errands for my friend while she was at work.

Heidi came home from school about an hour early with a headache so I took a little nap with her. Cupcake joined us. It was delightful!

We ended our day with dinner at Paul and Erin's house. Erin served Lemon Chicken which was absolutely wonderful. Paul served beers (I may or may not have had three...). And the girls had a lot of fun playing and begging to open their gifts.

We had a little gift exchange where the girls gave each other popcorn poppers and before we knew it we were all exhausted, it was 10 pm, and time to go, bringing a great day full of my favorite people and seven Acts of Kindness to a close.

What Acts of Kindness did you do today? If you think hard I bet you did some without even realizing it!


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Dara said...

8 in one day, wow! my favorite is #7, someone did that for me once and I was really grateful.