Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Sort of a Weekend Update...

This past weekend Heidi and Shawn went to a friend’s cabin to set deer stands leaving me home alone.

Thursday night they were gone it was me, my in-laws in the basement, Siri, and the cats. Cupcake was off getting spayed and would not come home until Friday afternoon. I had a moment of weakness and allowed Siri to sleep in my bed. I relocated Eddie the Cat who has been living in my room since Siri moved in down to the basement. Then I blocked Siri in the bedroom so she couldn’t wander the house at night.

It was an okay night but man, Siri is jumpy! Every time someone came up stairs during the night (which in my house is a lot) she jumped up and barked. I had to calm her down and we would fall back to sleep.

Friday after work Cupcake came home from the vet. She was well rested and wanted to play so I spent most of the night trying to keep the dogs from wrestling. The other part of the night I spent eating pizza, drinking Crispin Hard Apple Cider (may or may not have gotten tipsy), finishing the sixth Stephanie Plum book, and watching episode after episode of Extreme Couponers.  It was a very relaxing night, just want I needed. But man! What a train wreck Extreme Couponers is! I could not believe these people!

When bed time rolled around I felt guilty that I had slept in the living room the night Siri came home from being spayed so I did the same for Cupcake. It just happened that the in-laws were gone too so I was truly alone. (Minus Siri, Cupcake, Eddie the Cat, and Pete the Cat.) So the dogs and I slept on the couch.
Cupcake missing her daddy

Honey Crisp Crispin, Janet Evanovich, and Frozen Sausage and Mushroom Pizza. This is how I would roll if I was single!

That was not a very good night sleep since Cupcake had been sleeping at the vet for the last two days. She woke up at 1:30 am and decided she had enough sleep and we should all get up to play. After a quick trip outside to ensure no accidents in the house I put her on the couch next to me, flipped her on her back, and rubbed her tummy until she was snoring.

I got up Saturday morning and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned until Shawn and Heidi came home and the typical weekend craziness started up again with a house warming party for our friends who just came back from a stint in New York, two hockey practices, and an open house at my girlfriend’s house.

The weekend flew by and ended with a little family time before I had to pack and head out of town for work this week. I am in South Florida and I already have some stories so come back and see me tomorrow for a peak at some of the fun I have been having!

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