Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh What A Monday Part 1

Monday morning I woke up with that dread I get when I have to travel for work. I love my job and there are many benefits to being able to travel to see my co-workers but at the same time it is extremely difficult to be away from my family. I miss my husband, I miss my daughter, I miss my pets, and I miss everything that goes along with them.

But it’s something I have to do so I try to put up with it.

Only this particular Monday I had an off feeling that I needed to deal with and I couldn’t quite figure out what was causing it.

I get up, get myself ready, and do my last minute packing. Off feeling is still hanging around.

I realize I haven’t heard from my step mom so I call to confirm the time with her. Good thing because we had our wires crossed and she had planned to come an hour later. That was fixed. Off feeling was still hanging around.

I get on the road on time only to hit major traffic causing me to get to the airport later than I wanted. Ugh, off feeling is still there!

I pull into the wrong long term parking lot simply because I was not paying attention so I exit and go back out to the right lot. If you park in Red or Blue lots you have to take the tram but if you park Yellow or Green you cross the skyway and there you are. It’s a huge time saver.

I get to the skyway and it’s closed for renovations! UGH!

I go down the three escalators to the underground walk and then back up to the back check in.

I didn’t get a seat because the plane was full. I would get that at the gate.

25 minutes in security because the express lane was not open.
Got to the gate on time and the monitors were down so I didn’t know my seat until the only agent at the gate could help me which was after everyone else boarded. Where was my Seat? Row 26B. That’s the last row, against the bathroom, middle seat. Gross.

The lady by the window was extra crabby and the poor guy on the aisle, who had to get up for me, had a bad back and was 85 years old. He ended up being a wonderful seat mate who told me stories about his family when the turbulence was so bad I couldn’t read.
I dozed off during takeoff and was awaken to a horrible citrus-chemical smell.

Then next 90 minutes were so bumpy they couldn’t turn off the seatbelt light and the flight attendant yelled (YELLED) at anyone who ventured to the bathroom.

When the light finally turned off the line to the restroom was 40 people long and every single one of them felt the need to lean into our row while they waited.

When the line finally subsided my neighbor, Vince, got up to use the rest room and we learned the identity of that smell. That’s how they cover up vomit mid-air! Fantastic!!

The second half of the flight was okay. My bag made it just fine. And my rental car is amazing.

At this point I am really hoping my day is going to turn around.  

So imagine my surprise when I pull up to my hotel and it is surrounded by police. The most amazing thing was this was the point when that off feeling finally went away.

This was it.

The hotel being surrounded by police is exactly what my intuition was trying to warn me about. Only I can’t tell you about it just yet.

I hope to be able to talk about it soon. Stay tuned!!

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