Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, What A Monday Part 2

Okay, so yesterday I left off telling you that I pulled up to my hotel and it’s surrounded by police.

Rewind a few weeks.

I get an email from the hotel where I plan to stay on this particular trip suggesting I find another place to stay due to the Presidential Debate scheduled for the day I arrive. The debate is down the road and there will be some road closures in the area, particularly the main roads on either side of the hotel.

I gather the info I am able to gather by exchanging emails with the hotel manager and decide that since my hotel is just down the road from my office, if I cannot get to my hotel I can’t get to my office so I am not going to the trouble to change my reservation.

I find an open entrance to the hotel and pull up to find a tent, five swat type men, and a dog. They instruct me to turn off my engine and open my hood. I explain that this is a rental car so while I can turn off the engine I am not sure how to pop the hood.

The swat guy is super nice and helps me out.

After the dog walks through my car and gives it the all clear, I am told to go ahead and pull into the lot.

I walk into the hotel door to be met by security, a metal detector, a luggage scanner, and a lot of men in black suits with white things behind their ears. I am put through a process just like the TSA at the airport and allowed to go check in.

At this point I am certain either Romney or Obama will be staying in my hotel and I am freaking out only a little bit.

After checking, parking my car, going through the screening process again, I decide to go unpack and then eat dinner in the hotel to avoid leaving until Tuesday morning when I need to go into the office.

I had a little snafu with my key which caused me to be moved to another room but that was okay because I was told “This is a better room.”

I sat in the restaurant and enjoyed a turkey burger while working for a bit. I was also watching the people coming in the front door and counting the men in black. There were way to many to count.

When my laptop battery finally died I headed back up to my room to decompress before working some more. In the elevator I struck up a conversation with a man dressed in jeans.

“Are you part of this craziness?” I asked.

“Not really, I am with NBC. Are you?” He replied.

“No, I am just here for work. My office is down the street.”

“Well, you picked a good week to come. You know the President is staying here.”

“Oh, is he? That would explain all this!” Man, I am good under pressure!

I walk down the hall to my room as all of this is hitting me.

The President of the United States of America is staying in the same hotel as me. How awesome is that?

Then I realize, not only is he staying in this hotel his room is four doors down! It’s the room with the 12 secret service agents gathered around the door!

I calmly walked into my room. Calmly called Shawn.

Then, and only then, did I let myself freak out.

How insane is this? President Obama is staying four doors down the hall. I look out my living room window and I see his window!

Do you know what that means?!


OMG. Michelle is going to be my new best friend. I just know it! 

We are totally going for a run together in the morning.

Shawn asks me what I will say when I meet him.

Well, of course I know what I will say! I will say “Wow. You are the President.”

That’s what I will say because no matter how awesome I try to be, I am an introverted nerd at heart.

I am writing this on Monday night, the debate has yet to happen. I plan to watch out my window for the Obamas to return from the big debate. But that’s another story for tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

(Please do not leave me comments with your thoughts about The Obama Family or who you are voting for or whatever other political nastiness you might feel you should share with me. This post is about me and my brush with fame. It has nothing to do with politics. Thank you.)

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