Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Night with The President

Ha! Okay, not really.

But we did both stay at the same hotel Monday night.

I never did get to glimps him or Michelle (even though I told a few co-workers I ran with Michelle Tuesday morning) but on my way out of the hotel on Tuesday I did see his car getting ready to leave the hotel. And I saw the 8 billion motor-cops who would be escorting him to his speaking engagement in Del Ray Beach.

But that’s all I saw.

By the time I returned to the hotel that night they were all cleared out and the excitement was over.

Some of my co-workers were staying at the Del Ray Beach Marriott, where Romney stayed so it was fun to exchange stories on Tuesday morning.

Here are a few things I wanted to tweet or post on facebook over the last few days but I was too worried those men in black would show up at my door and zap my memory, forever stranding me in South Florida!


-          Hmm… why are there so many police at my hotel?

-          Waiting to have my car searched by a dog.

-          I count ten swat guys around my car right now.

-          Now I know what Ranger from the Stephanie Plum books looks like. Nice to meet you Ranger.

-          Ranger just told me he was hot. Okay…

-          Screened through a metal detector at the front door of the hotel

-          Screened again. Shouldn’t wear a belt on a travel day…

-          Who is staying here? Mitt? Obama? I hope it is Obama!

-          There are men in Black everywhere!!

-          Room key didn’t work. Getting new room? Not just a new key?  Hmmm…

-          Finally in my room. There are a lot of Black Suits by that room over there…

-          Going to the restaurant for some dinner and to work for a bit

-          Turkey burger was yummo! And the people watching was top notch!

-          Laptop battery died. Back in my room. No more view of the security check point. Boo.

-          Man in the elevator said it’s the Obama’s who are staying here. Keep cool.

-          Keep cool.

-          Trying to keep cool.

-          Totally freaking out! Do you think Michelle will run with me tomorrow?

-          Can no longer focus. Going for a run.

-          Had to be patted down returning from my run. Poor SWAT guy!

-          What is up with this black shutters around that room?

-          Oh! Okay, now I know where they are staying.

-          Secret Service by the ice machine. Scared the mess out of me!

-          I need some sleep. Debate is over. Good night.


-          Last night I slept in the same hotel as the President and First Lady. WOW!

-          Getting used to all the men in Black hanging around.

-          That sure is a large pile of gun cases on that cart…

-          Eating breakfast with SWAT is super fun!

-          Ack!! Just saw the Presidents car waiting for him to leave

-          I should stay here in my car until he leaves.

-          Or not. Secret Service is watching me sit here. Better go.

-          Off to work!

-          Back from work! They have all cleared out. Back to normal around here!

And that’s about it for my brush with Obama fame. It was exciting for me! I hope you enjoyed hearing about it.


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