Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh, My Aching Foot!

We are in the process of integrating Siri with our cats. It's not very scientific. Basically the cats are barricaded in my bedroom during the day or anytime Siri is not in her crate and have free run of the house when she is in the crate.

They also are able to go into the basement anytime they want but they have to make the trek from my room, at one end of the house, to the basement door, at the other end of the house.

It's been about 3 weeks since Siri moved in and I am not sure if it's getting any better between the cats and her but the cats are getting a little bolder.

I think Peter is just sick of being suck in my room or the basement, to be honest.

On Monday Peter was out in the living room when Siri was also in the living room. Siri has the scratches on her nose to prove it.

Siri just wants to meet the cats.

The cats think she wants to eat them.

Therefore the cats hiss and spit and growl anytime they see her.

It's a ton of fun.


Stop by and witness it for yourselves... But bring protective footwear or you will end up like me with three swollen and bruised toes from whacking said toes on a door frame when trying to scale a semi-Siri proof barricade when Peter decides he needs a window with a front yard view instead of a backyard view, makes his way into the guest room, and gets busted by Siri on his way back to my room.

Fun times.

Instead of showing you my ugly foot (again) I will share a picture of our bedroom barricade and the cat door in the basement door that Siri totally can fit through.

Our bedroom door, a pet gate that Siri leaps in a single bound, and two laundry baskets that Siri cannot jump.

The "cat" door on the new basement door (ignore the lack of molding, that's how we roll...)

If any of you have any ideas on integrating these wild beasts, I am all ears. Just know that holding the cats near the dog so she can sniff is not an option. These are two very large, fully clawed boy cats. I have the puncture wound on my thumb nail to prove it.


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The Management said...

no suggestions... but I really hope things get a little more friendly between the animals!