Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters

Well, it's pretty much official. Our summer just about over.

Shawn went back to work yesterday. Heidi spent the day with her Grandma and will be with her Granny part of the day today and all next week.

We will hit the State Fair next weekend and then school officially starts on Tuesday, September 4th.

Where the heck did this summer go?

Dear Heidi: I am so proud of all the things you accomplished this summer. You never cease to amazing me and I love watching you transition from a first grader to a second grader. I love you Lulu.

Dear Shawn: I am sorry I adopted so many dogs this summer which in turn meant you didn't get much on your project list. Thank you for building me a fence so Siri cannot run away. I love you.

Dear Siri: you were a total rockstar at your first training class last night. I have some ideas on how to keep you from chasing Eddie and Pete and I am excited to start working with you on them.

Dear Cupcake: You are cute beyond words. Thank you for cuddling with me on the couch this morning and for being such a wonderful bulldog.

Dear Pete: You frightened me when you got outside the other day but I knew you would come home. I hope you enjoyed your time hunting in the neighbors yard.

Dear Eddie: I am sorry I kicked you last night when I got that horrible cramp in my foot. I totally deserved to be bitten. I hope letting you play with the water in the bathroom sink made up for kicking you.

Dear Mean Neighbor: I hope you are happy we put up a fence. I have so much more I want to say but I will keep that to myself.

Dear Weekend: I don't have a lot of plans so I hope you decide to hang around a little longer than normal. I will do my part by starting you at noon today. Please do your part and not fly by.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Shar Martinez said...

Where did summer go? Summer came early and has stayed way too long here. LOL

I'm actually looking forward to September! :) I hope that you all have a great time next weekend!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Cortney said...

Love running across your blog, new follower! Looking forward to reading more!!