Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update - Oh, How I Love Weekends Like This One

I am having a very difficult time typing this blog. Not because anything bad happened this weekend, in fact it was a nice and peaceful weekend.

I am having a difficult time because as I type there are two dogs fighting on my legs.

Hang on. I need to make this stop.

Okay, I am back. Cakes is nuts but Siri just wants to go back to sleep.

Ugh! Now Cakes is chewing on the tablet. Cakes, please stop.

This focusing thing on Monday morning at 6 am with only two sips of coffee in me and Cakes being nutzo is a bit much...

Anyway, this weekend was full of a lot of time to get organized and relax. After the summer we had this is exactly what I needed.

Hang on, Cakes is eating the cat tree.

They are super annoying this morning!

I was fully expecting they would be exhausted this morning after the evening they had last night. They took their first trip to the Saint Anthony Parkway Dog park and they loved it. Siri met a bunch of dogs who were much larger than her (three were Great Danes) and ran with them for about 45 minutes. She would get right in the mix like she was a 60 pound, two eyed dog, not the 40 pound, one eyed dog she is.

Cupcake, ugh, hang on again, Cupcake just found a paper bag and is dragging it around the house. I am debating on taking it from her. Never mind. She is bored with it.

Man, dog. Just go back to sleep! She just flopped down on the couch. Which she can jump on now!!  I think she might go to sleep. Siri is happily snoring on my foot now. I am horribly uncomfortable but I don't dare move. Luckily my coffee is in reach!

Where was I? Oh! Cupcake was the hit of the dog park. She played with all the people and soaked up all the hugs and love. Then she met Lola, an ugly little terrier who was about her height and they spend the rest of the night rolling around in the dirt together.

Cupcake was covered in a healthy layer of dirt when we left but she had a blast and is looking forward to going back.

Siri ask if she could live at the dog park. We explained that dog parks close and with the sun going down all the other dogs would be leaving soon. Then she asked if she could marry the dog park. While we were explaining why that would not be possible she passed out in the back of the van under the fully blasting AC. Where she stayed until Cupcake jumped her.

Those stinken dogs came home, ate dinner, then went out in the back yard and played with each other for another 15 minutes.

Now we know, dog parks are a must for these too!!

Other things we did this weekend:
We went swimming on Friday night where Willy passed the deep water swim test for the first time so he was able to go on the diving board with Heidi. We were so proud of him!

We finished cleaning the guest room and now, finally, have a fully functional guest room that someone could actually stay in with no notice. Hooray!!

We cleaned the walkway part of the storage room so now you can actually get to the freezer and pantry. What a novel idea!!

I made a menu for the week using a new board on Pinterest I called "meals for this week" and a task in my Cozi calender for a reminder of what is to be cooked each night. I am very excited to get back to cooking dinner most nights!

Shawn and I logged 5 volunteer hours at the Ice Arena with a very slow shift in the concession stand. Our second shift was canceled but on the up side we only have 15 more hours... ugh, 15 hours...

Heidi had Emily spend the night marking Heidi's first ever sleep over at our house. They ate ice cream, watched a movie, camped out on the floor in the living room, and had a great time!

We met up with my parents for breakfast at Birdtown Cafe in Robbinsdale. If you live in the area check them out. They are pretty good.

The dogs are finally both sleeping, one on either side of me so it is time to shut the tablet down and get ready for work.

One parting thought -

My thoughts and positive energy is being sent to my friends and Co-workers in South Florida who are being hit by Isaac right now.

Happy Monday everyone!


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Cassandra said...

Sounds like they are still running on the high from the dog park! Congrats on getting your guest room done!