Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Vet, 3 Kids, and Much Needed Rain

Last evening Cupcake had her first vet appointment.

After the amazing care Camden Pet Hospital had given to Pig and Daisy, we had no doubt where we would take our newest pup.

Cupcake was intent to sit on the Tech's lap while we were asked the standard questions.

Then Heidi helped with the exam. Pig hated getting his temp taken. He could push his little stub of a tail down and hold it there so there was little hope of getting that thermometer in place. Exit Only! Was that boys rule!  Cupcake didn't really seem to care to much and her tail sits up higher so she has a harder time fighting back.

Then Dr. Kelly Benning came in. Dr. Benning was with us for all of the horribleness with Pig and for the last few days of Daisy's time with us. The last time I saw her she was hugging me as I was falling apart. We are connected now and I trust her more than I ever thought I could trust someone I have really only interacted with a handful of times.

So it really warms my heart that she held Cupcake and loved her up the entire time we met with her.

Then, she took Cupcake away and we didn't see her for about 10 minutes. But that was okay, everyone in the clinic needed to meet her!

After our appointment we took Cupcake home where she crashed in front of the air conditioning vent for about a hour while we had dinner.

Around 7:30 Willy and Emily showed up and the kids all ran off to play. That is until Willy came barrelling into the living room, wrapped his arms around a sleeping Cupcake, and yelled "Cupcake! I love you!" 

Poop little Cupcake was startled and looked a bit shell shocked. I was worried she would pee herself from that little scare! So we herded her to the door and sent her out to use the restroom. And that was the beginning of Evening Crack Dog.

Evening Crack Dog is the burst of energy she gets about a hour before bed time. Pig was the same way. We just have to let her run it out and then she will crawl in her crate and sleep the night away.

The temps had dropped from a nasty 104 down to about 89 so we all headed out to the back yard.

Jess, Margie, and I worked the gardens a bit then Jess and I pulled up the grass that is forever growing in our sandbox.

The kids took turns doing tricks on the rings. They were so excited to learn the rings are used in Men's Gymnastics and they showed off their awesome tricks. Then they practiced their back handsprings and other tumbleing on the tramp.

When the bugs finally rushed us back into the house we all cleaned up and Jess took the kids home. Emily, once again, commented on how they should just live here, then they headed out to the car and Heidi and I headed to bed to read some Judy Moody.

Around 3 am I heard this wooshing sound and lay in bed for a bit trying to figure out what it was. When my brain finally turned on I realized it was raining.

No, it was storming.

Oh, crap! The camper is on the driveway airing out for our up coming trip and every.single.window is wide open! Shawn ran out and zipped them all up. I did not assess the damage before I left for work but I will have to do that when I get home. I sure hope that's not a total mess!

I guess in the end it will be worth a little mess. Our rain barrel had run dry that evening and the lawn and gardens needed a real drink after these nasty hot days. All that rain will help the two little zucchini's we found last night really grow! I have been waiting on those babies for a few months! Reading other blogs, being envious of people who have had an abundance of zucchini for two months, always kills me. Being up here in Minnesota we are two months behind everyone else but now we are catching up and I am so excited!

I am also excited because today is my last day of work and then I am off until Monday. I am looking forward to an overabundance of family time! 


Kara said...

Ack! I forgot to mention - At her first vet visit, she was 10 weeks, 14.3 pounds. That is a 2.8 gain in a week. She is going to be HUGE!

Lucy McCracken said...

The vet seems so awesome and loving! I love it when they are that way. Little Pig is just the cutest thing ever:) your kids must love him so much. My little hack russel used to get crazy too when she was younger at night time. She's a bit older and her job now is to keep the boy labs in check :) hope you are having a wonderful day! I'm so excited that you will take part in the Acts of Kindness project :)