Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fitness Journey - Week Ending May 30

This week started out with a really bad day.

A day so bad I got down on myself and called it a Fail.

I wrote about it.

I processed it.

I used all the positive comments I received from the comments section on the post, my facebook wall, and from people in person and I put them back into my next run.

Saturday we set out to run 3.1 miles at about 5 pm. We were about four blocks from the house when big fat rain drops started to fall on us.

Shawn turns to me and says "Maybe we should have checked the weather."

I begin to mentally prepare to cut it short and head home.

We keep running and when we hit the trail it seems to lighten. Or maybe we were just in a tree canopy.

We are nearing the end of the tree canopy when this huge crash of lightening with immediate thunder lights up the sky and shakes the trail I am running down. 

We get just past the one mile marker and it really starts to come down. Shawn is about half a block ahead of me and he turns to come back.

I duck under a shelter, waiting to hear him tell me it's time to pack it in. I want to hear him tell me we will cut up the park and down that road and be home in no time.

But that's not what happened. He said "What are you doing?! You drug me out here, we are going to finish this!" He turned on his heal and ran off in the direction that will take another two miles to get me back to my house.

I set out after him and we do it. We run 3.1 miles in the rain. And it felt good. Well, save the squishy shoes. I hate squishy shoes.

We made good time and when we got home Shawn says "Why is your back so wet?"

Um... Everything on me was wet! But, that's Shawn for ya. Always there with a crack to make me smile.

I had planned to finish that evening with an outdoor yoga class with my friend, Erin but when we got out there it was raining. I was done working out in the rain and Erin wasn't feeling it either so we hit up Unique Thrift Store for some jeans and summers clothes instead. 

Saturday ended with a 3013 Calorie Burn and 11,271 steps. It was a day to be proud of.

Sunday we talked about running but after spending an entire day working in the yard we had to rethink that plan. We were beyond exhausted and felt like sitting in a movie theater instead.

We met my parents for dinner and then went to see Dark Shadows.  It was okay. It really was one of those movies where the previews give away all the funny parts and the rest is just kind of filler.

I ended the day with a 2559 Calorie Burn and 7428 steps. But most of all I ended the day with a very, very sore body. Sunday reminded me once again that it is time to add weight training to my activities.

Monday we found ourselves kid free for the entire day so we slept in, which we never do. Then we ran a ton or errands and were not done until after 2 pm. We realized at that point why we never sleep in, our day was already gone!

We got in another run which was interesting since we were both still so very sore from Sunday but it was a good run. Another windy run but this time I didn't let it get to me.

I finished the day with a 3078 Calorie Burn and 12, 453 steps.

Tuesday was a "back to reality day" starting with a very early morning in the office, leaving about an hour later than I had planned, ending with our final Girl Scout meeting with our Daisy Troop. I didn't get in a workout but I did take three walks. I ended the day with a 2557 Calorie Burn and 9626 steps. Very, very good for a non-run day!

While I am very happy about my calorie burn and steps this week I did fall down on the eating side. We eat out a few times and I found myself snacking a bit too much. I didn't do a great job tracking my calories as the day went on since I had that long weekend and I forgot what I had eaten when it came time to log.

The only way to lose weight is to have a balance Calorie Burn and Calorie Intake so it is extremely important to know what you have taken in. This week I didn't pay attention to that and even though I hit or exceeded my calorie burn every single day, my food was off and I netted a big, fat 0 pound weight loss.

I still consider my week a success. I am running a 5k on Saturday and then will be spending the day walking around the zoo. I feel that I am ready for Saturday and that's what really matters to me this week.

I resolve to track every calorie I eat this week and to make a few smarter choices in the food department.

Have a great week everyone! 

This weeks Body Bugg Stats - Calorie Burned Daily Average vs Calories Consumed Daily.

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