Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Girl Can Change Her Mind – It’s Her Right!

If you have ever read a post about Heidi before, you know she is very high energy and only stops her gymnast moves to sleep. Because of this she has always preferred yoga pants, sweatpants, and skirts to jeans.

She has owned a few pairs of jeans in her short life but I completely stopped buying them for her when I became fed up with spending $14 on pants she would wear twice and then hand down to her cousins.

She didn’t like them and I didn’t see a reason to make her wear them. She found them restricting and unnecessary.

I find them cute and versatile.

So I was completely taken by surprise when we walked into a Target over the weekend and she asked if she could try on a pair of dark blue jeans with purple hearts running down the leg.

I grabbed a 5 and a 6 and we made our way to the fitting room.

I had a few pairs of jeans to try on as well so we ducked into the family changing room and modeled for each other.

I found one pair that were very flattering and would be dressy enough for a business trip I am on this week.

Heidi pulled on the size 5’s and buttoned them up. She pulled her t-shirt up around her waist and looked in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She felt very grown up. But, would she be able to move freely?

I told her to do the splits to find out. She, without hesitation, dropped down in the left leg front splits and dropped smoothly to the ground. Just like she does when wearing yoga pants. Just like she does in her gymnastic and dance outfits.

She was sold!

Next stop – belts! Just because she likes them doesn’t mean they actually fit in the waist and are long enough!

Monday before school, she told me I needed to let everyone know she likes jeans now so she is sure to get them for her birthday.

And now I ask, what happened to my little girl? She is going to be 6, not 16. Right?

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