Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Princess Visits Disneyland

Heidi, Shannon, and I all agreed that the most important stop while we are in Los Angeles was Disneyland so the planning started weeks before we even arrived in California. 

We got up early, which was actually sleeping in a bit due to the two hour time difference, and headed out to Anaheim to be at the park as soon as it opened.

We arrived at Disneyland with only one little detour when the GPS got us to the grounds but not to the actual gate.  That's just fine, the grounds are amazing!
Even purchasing your tickets at Disney is an adventure.  The lady in the window was so nice and asked us if we had ever been to Disneyland before.  We explained that while Shannon and I had both been to Disney World, this was Heidi's first time.  She gave us all First Time Visitor buttons and told us that if it was our birthday we would have gotten Birthday buttons too.  We saw people with Birthday buttons being wished happy birthday all over the park, that would have been cool!
Shannon, being the fantastic and thoughtful aunt that she is, scheduled a Princess Makeover for Heidi just after the park opened. This way, Heidi would be beautiful the entire day and we wouldn't have to worry about what time it was and which side of the park we were on when the appointment rolled around.

At the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique Heidi had the full Princess makeover which included hair, makeup, and nails.
She was able to pick from a number of different hair styles.  She picked the Cinderella.
Her nail polish was scented like berries and it really did smell!
And her make up was pretty good quality.  Oh, and how could I forget, check out that bling the pointer finger of her right hand!
Anything used on her was put in a pink bag and sent home with us - make up, hair brush, comb, nail polish...
and a princess sash!
They did a great job making all of the girls look like princesses for the day.

And she did a great job acting like a princess for the day!

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