Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

We spent the entire day at Disneyland and saw everything we wanted but I know we could have spent another day there easy.  Then there is the entrance to the park where all the restaurants and shops are located.  There is no charge for that area and you could spend at least an afternoon out there.  And, of course, there is California Adventure where the rides target an older crowd.

The best part of Disneyland is that all of the rides are family friendly, there was nothing that was to scary or to crazy for a four year old.  And the cars are generally big enough for an adult or two and a child or two so the family can ride together!

Every year we go to the circus where Shawn and Heidi pose for a picture by an elephant.  We found this beautiful elephant in a candy shop and emulated the pose.  I wish I could have this elephant in my living room!
This was Heidi's favorite elephant!
The Dumbo ride was the first ride of the day.  She wanted to go again until we explained how many other rides were in the park. 
We wanted her to stand by the door of this little house but she was worried that someone actually live there and would come out if she went up to the door.
When we finally convinced her no one was home, she reluctantly walked up to the door and ran away as soon as the picture was taken!

My favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride but that was a tough decision because I also loved Who Framed Roger Rabbit!
Buzz won out in the end because Heidi and I imagined how my nephew Willy would be reacting if he were in this ride.  The excitement we imagined from him made us so excited! 
I went to Disney World for a Marching Band trip when I was about 14.  I have some memories of that trip but mostly just how annoying the It's A Small World Ride was.  I was torn about taking Heidi on the ride in fear the song would be stuck in my head for weeks.  But the ride was closed for repair so I was totally off the hook!

These topiary trees were outside the ride, so beautiful!  I want these in my front yard!  And a gardener too...

Our favorite area of the park was Toontown.  That is where Roger Rabbit lives in the movie but also where you will find Minnie Mouse's house in the park.

Heidi took the time to check her email on Minnie's computer.

The Chip and Dale house was pretty cool too.  Who hasn't want to live in a tree house?

Shannon was so kind to take Heidi on the roller coaster.  Even though all of the rides are family friendly, I still was not able to get on the roller coaster and I was so happy Shannon loves them as much as Heidi!

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