Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our LA Trip

Since I am in sunny Florida for work this week, I will have little to no time to update the blog.  However, I am going to reflect back on our family trip to California in January since I have not done that yet. 

Back in January, Shawn was sent to Los Angeles to attend a training session for work. He asked Heidi and me to come with for a long weekend.
I travel by myself a lot and that's fine. I travel with Shawn and Heidi about once a year, and that's fine too. But when I thought about Heidi and me exploring LA alone I got very anxious.

I did not want to pass up an opportunity to take Heidi to Disney but something about it being just the two of us made me lose sleep.

I twisted Shannon's arm and she came along for the ride.

This was Heidi's third airplane trip and every time she gets on a plane the first thing she does is review the safety card.  She isn't called The Safety Queen for nothing!  A few nights ago, we were watching TV when someone said "Safety first!"  Heidi got a huge smile on her face and exclaimed "See, I am not the only one who says that!"

We arrived at LAX, picked up our rental car, and headed for the Sheraton Airport Hotel to begin our two and a half day vacation in Los Angeles.  But first we need some sleep, tomorrow is Disneyland!

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