Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favorite Holiday!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's not about gifts and it has not been taken over by retail, it really is about family and good food.  And I am all about family and good food!

Kristen and Taylor were the first to arrive.  They like to hang out in the kitchen and visit with me while I cook.  I love it!  They are also willing to taste the food for a second opinion any time I ask.
Johannah loves Heidi's play room.  Amazingly, with only two kids this year, the play room was clean after everyone left!
Spi-Heidi made a quick appearance early in the evening.
The food was pretty good.  I tried a few new things this year.  The Soul Sweet Potatoes from the PW website are a keeper but the Green Bean Casserole from the Progresso website was a total miss and will not be making a repeat appearance.  I should have know better than to mess with a dish that normally yields no leftovers.

Pig loves any kind of family gathering.  He takes position and waits for food to fall.  We never have to worry about food getting stuck in the basement carpet with this guy around!
Briana really was enjoying herself, this is just her normal look :)
Or maybe she was just cold and needed to warm up by the fire.
I was very happy that Daisy came down to join the dinner.  She is not feeling well right now and didn't even great the guests but when she heard that dinner was served she braved the basement steps.
Dad must have eaten to much turkey and passed out after dinner.  (This is a family website, please ignore Justin on the right side of this picture.  Jerk).
Terri's brother Dave joined us again.  He always provides for the comic relief and this year, he had recently been in a car accident which, while a bit scary, made him even funnier.  And Libby likes him too!
After everyone was full and the other kids left, Heidi and Terri put together a puzzle.

Shawn's mom was there too but she never made it in any pictures. 

We cover our tables in butcher or construction paper and provide crayons for entertainment.  There are always some good pictures in the end but they just end up on the trash.  This year, Heidi cut out her favorites and decorated the hall for our party next weekend.
The main theme was the Hand Turkey.
Everyone does it a little differently.
But they were all so cute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family and were able to enjoy a fantastic meal.

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