Monday, November 15, 2010


In the car on the way to school one day Heidi asked me why Dairy Queen was not called Daisy Queen.  I told her that the people who own it like the name Dairy Queen.  She said that if she owned it she would change the name to Daisy Queen because that's just a better name.

I told her that if she ever owns a restaurant she could call it what ever she wants.  Her plan is to become a Math and Science teacher who owns a restaurant called Daisy Queen.

Being that she wants to be a teacher, she enjoys playing teacher at home.

One night, as we were going through everything that came home in her back pack that evening, she took the opportunity to teach us some Spanish.  It went something like this.

Heidi:  Monkey is Mono.  Say it like this "Mo No"

Us: Mo No.

Heidi: Hand is Mano.  Say it like this "Ma No"

Us: Ma No

Me: Monkey and Hand are to similar, that's confusing.  They can't be that close and mean different things.

Shawn: English is like that too.  Map, mop.

Me: Oh, I see.  (this might be a long road for me...)

The lesson continues with Heidi having us repeat more words Spanish words.

I notice she has skipped one on the O page.

Me: Heidi.  You skipped Caterpillar.  How do you say that?

Heidi:  I don't know.

Shawn: I do.  It's Ootapillar.  Did you know we were going to name you Ootapillar?  It was between Heidi and Ootapillar for a long time.  We didn't decided until you were born and looked more like a Heidi than an Ootapillar.

Me: (laughing uncontrollably) Yep!  It's true!

Heidi: No!  No it's not!

Me:  (crying) it's okay Ootapillar.  Let's just keep going with this page.

Heidi: Please stop calling me Ootapillar.  That can't be true.

Shawn: Okay.  We will stop.  Let's do this page now.  Ootapillar, I mean Heidi.

Me: (snort!)

Heidi: (sigh) Okay.  This is Elephante, Elephant.

She really needs to get use to our sense of humor if she is going to continue to live here.

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