Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Day Of Gymnastics!

Saturday was Heidi's last day of Gymnastics for the fall session.  She is in the community program and really seems to enjoy it.

Parents are not allowed to watch practice because it is distracting to the girls.  They invite us to watch the entire practice on the last day to show off what they have been working on.
Heidi is in the back row on the left side of this picture.  She is wearing black pants, a white shirt, and has her forehead on the ground.
They did every exercise they would do during a normal class.  Here are the bridges will all hands on the ground, then one leg up followed by one arm up.  This is the beginner class so there was a lot of tipping over!

Since Heidi is super bendy, flexy girl she has no trouble with her splits.  They have moved her over to the mats for a challenge.  She hates it because it hurts! :)

On the floor they showed their handstands, cartwheels, and rolls.

After floor exercises, they did the vault.  I am in desperate need of a new camera, none of the vault pictures turned out at all!

Then came the bars but first, chalk up!

Each girl got a turn doing a flip on the bar and then practice bunny hops and tip toes on the low and high beams.

The big finish was jumping in the pit.

After class Heidi posed for one last picture on the bar to hold her over until next session in the spring.  She will have to spend the winter doing cartwheels and handstands in the living room.

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Shannon said...

Did she hang on the bar for 45 minutes like she does when you push the shopping cart around the store? :)