Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Do You Do All Day?

Do you ever wonder what happens in your house when you are not home?  Having two cats and two dogs, I think about this all the time.

I wonder if they move around the house, play with any toys, look out the window.

But something tells me they generally just sleep.  Maybe get up and find a new spot but then just go back to sleep.

Very occasionally, I will work from home.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I am home but I am in our home office most of the day, only coming out to get some more coffee or for lunch.

I think this throws our animals for a bit of a loop.  Since I was home and it was a beautiful day, I had the back door open. 

Pete saw me leave to take Heidi to school but he didn't see me come back.  He discovered the back door open and came in the house.  Then he discovered me in the office.  He must have heard me before he saw me.  He crept into the office and as soon as he noticed me he ran and jumped on my keyboard.  He then spent the next few minutes forcing me to pet him.  I would put him on the floor and he would come back.

When he was finally done harassing me, he had some breakfast, and climbed into the bay window for a nap.

Every time I leave the office, I return to Eddie sleeping soundly in my chair.  Once, I left to grab my phone, I was only gone for about 30 seconds.  He still took my chair.

Daisy spent the day laying in the yard.  I checked on her every so often to find her in a different place but never wanting to come in.  I think if I left her outside when I went to work she would be just fine.

Pig mostly slept in a mess of blankets on the couch.  I bet this is what he does every day but it was probably much better because he didn't have to share with Daisy.

I think he may have forgotten I was home.  When I came out to grab some lunch, I found this.

Pig, you are so BUSTED!


Shannon said...

Look they are BFF's! So Cute! Pete loves his puppies!!

Jennifer said...

that's so funny

Margie said...

Love it!

Dawn said...

I knew he was a softy at heart! :)

Kara said...

Sigh, I miss that turkey Pig so much.