Friday, October 8, 2010

End of Week Randomness

I have a million thoughts but nothing that is good enough for a post so here is some randomness to kick off the weekend.

1.  Daisy's chemo went well.  She was the first dog ever to yak up her breakfast as they started treatment, before any of the drugs were in her system.  She must have been nervous.  Can't blame her, last time she was left there she came home without an arm.

2.  Daisy has not yakked since that one time at the hospital.

3. Daisy has started to lay on the couch again and no longer requires her bed in the living room yet I still drag it out every morning.

4. Thursday night, Daisy went to bed.  And got in the bed.  We might be back to two dogs in the bed sooner than we thought.  This makes me both happy and sad.

5.  Heidi's week caught up with her Thursday morning.  Thursday night, she went to bed super early.  I think she will be 2 inches taller when she wakes up in the morning.

6.  Heidi has another shark tooth.  The second permanent tooth on the bottom is in. The baby is not loose yet.  I better get a dollar ready because I have a feeling that baby is coming out very soon.

7.  I am making 3 lasagnas over the next three days.  One for Friday night dinner with some friends and two for the teachers at Heidi's school.  This also makes me happy.

8.  I am also making my first loafs of french bread.  If they turn out, I will post a recipe next week.

9.  When I was waiting for Daisy to come out of Chemo I kept hearing her tags jingle.  I would get excited and try to look down the hall for her.  Then I would realize I was holding her tags in my hand.  The noise was from when I would move slightly and the tags would jingle.  That made me a little bit sad.

10.  Heidi is having a super play date with a bunch of kids from her old school on Sunday.  I planned just a bit to late so not everyone can make it.  Lesson learned!  I am still very optimistic for a great turn out and a fantastic time!

11.  I need to get one of those pot holder things that go over the handle of a cast iron skillet.  If I grab the handle of that skillet one more time, I will scream!  Someone please send help.

12.  Pig is both wanting the first hard frost and hoping it never comes.  After the frost, he will no longer be suffering such horrible allergies but he will also stop getting his two Oreo (with antihistamine) treats each day.

And finally.  Since Pig feels he has not been featured in enough blog posts lately.  Here are two I am sure he would love the world to see.

I call this one:  "Proof Pig will eat anything".  He is licking up the corn meal that I dropped on the floor.

And the second one, which I call, "Please don't bother me when I am sleeping, unless you have food."

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend.  On Monday I will let you know if Daisy yakked in the "sick period" which is day 3 and 4 post chemo.  And on Tuesday I will post a recipe for a super yummy and fast roast beef sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Pig! He needs a hug too!