Monday, October 11, 2010

The Amazing Tri-Pawd

This past Wednesday was Daisy's first Chemo treatment at the University of Minnesota. 

She went into the hospital with no hesitation. 

At 8 am, the oncology team brought her to the treatment center.  They treat a number of dogs at one time due to how the medication is batched.

First, they have their blood drown and levels checked.  I think they are looking at their white blood cell counts.  If all is good, they will have their treatment that day.

Daisy looked good and was approved to begin therapy.

A nurse sits on the floor and comforts the dog while the dog recieves the medication through an IV.  It's like a 20 minute massage!

We were told that Daisy was the first dog who has yakked all over right before treatment started.  We think it was nerves.  Can you blame her?!  Last time she was left at the hospital she went home with one less leg!  I would be nervous too.

She was allowed to come home that afternoon.  When I picked her up, she bolted for the door. 

The nurse commented on how sweet she is.  She was very impressed with how well she gets up and down and walks around.  She also said "She really doesn't even know she has three legs..."  I know the nurse was referring to how strong she is and her tendancy to drag you behind her while she is on a leash.  This is why Daisy has always worn her "walking" collar when we are out.

We were sent home with instructions not to get her bodily fluids on us.  Just basic common sense, such as washing well after cleaning up any accidents she may have.

The ride home was very amausing.  This was her first car ride in the van, as a tri-pawd where she was feeling fine so she insisted on sitting in the bucket seat right behind mine.  She fell off no less than four times because she kept moving around.  Everytime her arm would fall off the chair, she would hope down, turn around, and climb right back up.  This went on for 45 minutes, the traffic was horrible!

We expected her to come home and fall asleep right away but she had things to do, like eat dinner!  After yakking up her breakfast and then being awake all day, she was starving.  Then she had to watch us eat our dinner. She didn't want Pig getting any treats while she was away napping!

Finally, at about 8:30 she finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.

The Doctor told us she would not show any effects until day three and four post treatment. 

Day three was Saturday.  She spent the day laying out in the yard, begging for treats, and just hanging out.  Very normal Daisy.  I would say, the most normal she has been since she got sick.

Sunday, same thing!  It was a beautiful weekend.  Probably the last really nice weekend before fall really gets here.  It is even a little hot for a big girl like Daisy but she enjoyed the yard and just hung around.

She is showing no effects from the Chemo at all and her mobility and stregnth are really coming along.  She really is the Amazing Tri-Pawd.

I will let you see for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

She looks great!! Keep up the good work Daisy!