Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And So It Begins...

Today is Daisy's first day of Chemo!

We met with the oncologist just over a week ago then spent some time considering our options.

I am nervous but I know we can stop treatment if we are not happy with the results.

She starts today and will have treatment every third Wednesday for a total of six treatments.  She will not lose her hair but she might get sick.  We will have medication to help avoid the getting sick part and we can give that to her whenever we feel she needs it.

If she gets sick, it would happen over the weekend.  That's why I picked Wednesday's!  How's that for planning?

I think she will do just fine. She has been such a trooper so far!  Yesterday, she spent the day on the couch, in true Daisy form.  That is something she has not done since the day before her surgery.  And she has gotten up with Shawn every morning this week to demand breakfast instead of sleeping in with me like she has since surgery.

I hope the chemo does not give her a set back as she has come so far.  But, like I said, we can stop treatment at anytime if we feel her quality of life is degrading.

I don't expect to have news on how she is feeling until Monday since the effects will not hit for for three to four days.  I will post a weekend update on Monday.

Thanks to everyone for all your support in this!  It really means a lot to us, and Daisy!

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